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Author: seopro

In Steven Kaplan’s essay “The Things They Brought” published in Columbia: University of South Carolina Press he says, “Almost all Vietnam War writing– fiction and nonfiction– explains that the only specific thing during the Vietnam War was that absolutely nothing was particular” (Kaplan 169). The control of truth and fiction in Tim O’Brien’s “The important […]
Into the Wild & & The Important Things They Brought Into the wild has to do with a boy name Chris McCandless otherwise known as Alex, who is a transcendental. In the beginning of the book, Alex grew up in a very puritanical household but Alex becomes rebellious and transcendentalism as he escapes from his […]
Fear in the Things They Brought Tim O’brien’s decision to go to Vietnam ran out the fear from disappointing his household and neighborhood. How does pity impact and contribute in the life of the soldiers in The important things They Carried? The Important Things They Carried is a book embeded in Massachusetts but the core […]
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