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Bean Trees and Brave New World


Brave New World vs. The Bean Trees The novels Brave New World and The Bean Trees both show suffering and individuals trying to pursue their own happiness. In Brave New World, John suffers through his unhappiness.

In The Bean Trees, Taylor Greer goes through the same circumstance. They both go through the procedure of suffering to reach the exact same objective, which is to find happiness. In Brave New World, John ends up being out casted by both the New Mexico Savage Reservation and the World State. With living in the World State and their version of “joy”, John pleads for the right to feel feeling.

He sees the World State as producing artificial joy, however he wants true happiness and real feeling. He pleads, “I don’t desire convenience, I want God, I want poetry, I want genuine risk, I desire flexibility, I want goodness. I want sin.” He takes his worths from the works of Shakespeare which helps him to voice his own feelings and responses, it gives him a structure from which to talk about World State worths, and it offers him the language that assists him hold his own in confrontation. Shakespeare shows all the values that the World State does not have.

From checking out the works, John wants to decline the shallow “happiness” of the World State, he becomes not able to manage his temptations for Lenina, and eventually he commits suicide. John participating in the last orgy and later devoting suicide can end up being viewed as the item of an insanity made by the dispute in between his worths and the truth of the World State. John never reached his objective due to him dedicating suicide. In The Bean Trees, Taylor Greer leaves her house in Kentucky to make a new life for herself.

Along the method, a female gives Taylor a child which she names Turtle. At first, caring for Turtle does not come easily to her, however with time she grows to enjoy Turtle as her own. Taylor becomes forced to develop rapidly which brings on another struggle for her. High School has actually only been behind her for a couple of years and she already has to take on the duty of providing for a kid. She also needs to raise cash on her own, not only for herself however likewise for Turtle. Discovering a place to live became her responsibility, too. Estevan and Esperanza’s battles with aving to quit their kid and the injury of Turtle getting attacked one day, forces Taylor to struggle through anxiety. The cops investigation on the attack reveals that Taylor is not the legal guardian of Turtle which brings up another struggle for her up until Taylor develops a strategy to embrace her. In the end, Taylor’s plan works, Taylor and Turtle now have a home in Tucson, and Esperanza and Estevan securely live at their brand-new house in Oklahoma. Taylor coped life’s obstacles but by the end of the novel she finds a brand-new significance for “family” and becomes pleased of the wonders provided to her every day.

The battles of the human condition ended up being resolved for the present time in the lives that Taylor has actually touched. Ultimately, Taylor did reach her objective of happiness due to the fact that she found household in individuals around her and a brand-new life in Tucson. Both of the characters went through much suffering on their pursuit of joy. They handled their suffering in different methods though. John rebelled against the World State to acquire his happiness whereas Taylor took what came to her and found her happiness with what she was offered.

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