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Beowulf and Grendel Essay


The computer animation used for the movie, Beowulf was just exceptional. I assumed the characters were human but eventually, I observed that they move rather in a different way so I learned that it was actually a movement caught movie, like the ones utilized in Polar Express as well as Beast Residence. The effects were great, and the personalities really looked like the stars who played them. It’s fantastic what innovation can do these days. As for the tale, I assume some scenes are truly violent as well as brutal.

Like the component when Grendel, the monster, tore the head of among the soldiers and also consumed it, it was revolting. Some parts were additionally ranked PG. ut generally, I think the story was great. The character of Beowulf was really take on as well as bold. From the beginning of the tale, we can currently inform that he is a hero and that he methods the code of honor (whatever that is). He was willing to compromise himself to save his individuals and the kingdom. I assume he is also wise as the king. He didn’t combat the soldier who was attempting to eliminate him, instead, send him off claiming “He has a story to tell”. However the lead characters likewise have some poor qualities. For one, he really did not consider the consequences when he succumbed to Grendel’s mom’s advances.

He additionally lied to king Hrothgar and his individuals when he told them that he killed Grendel’s mommy. He did all that just so that he could have riches as well as the crown. I additionally didn’t like the fact that he took a girlfriend, when his partner was still there. I believe Queen Wealtheow is a smart and also beautiful queen, what more could he request? Additionally, I believe Ursula, the concubine, didn’t truly love Beowulf. She was just submitting herself to him because he is certainly, the king. I believe the historic accuracy was great, the outfit as well as the traditions; they also had the right accents.

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