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Beowulf Is Not A Quest


Beowulf is a legendary story of a hero seeking fame as well as fortune. Beowulf is a young, strong as well as prideful male who wants to show himself as the best individual, and ultimately gain kingship in his own land. Thomas Foster’s chapter, “Every Trip is a Mission(Except When It’s Not)” sets out the regulations of a mission. In order for a journey to be a quest it need to first have: a quester, a location to go, a stated reason for going there, difficulties and also tests along the way, and after that the actual factor to go there. The genuine factor for a pursuit is constantly self- knowledge(Foster 3). Beowulf- though it at first appears to be a mission by pleasing the first four guidelines- is not a mission since he never ever obtains self- expertise. From the extremely beginning, Beowulf looks like a quest. There is the quester, Beowulf, on a trip to accomplish magnificence. He mosts likely to Herot to aid rid the mead hall of Grendel. Though his real factor has absolutely nothing to do with protecting from Grendel, he goes to eliminate Grendel in order to show his toughness, which is his stated factor however another much less clear factor is his pursuit for fame, not knowledge. He does not want to know if he is truly the greatest, he simply wishes to be perceived as the best. So immediately the initial 3 rules are represented. Foster say’s the quester can be simply a normal individual, not also all that heroic, in fact normally a person young and also immature(Foster 3). Beowulf is already a widely known hero, despite being young.

As he gets here in Herot he starts to encounter his obstacles, the initial of which is not in the type of an animal. Unferth, Hrothgar’s child, dislikes Beowulf’s fearlessness and starts to suggest with him, calling him a boastful fool and also saying that he won’t win because he shed a swimming suit with Brecca(Beowulf 27, 240- 241 as well as 258-269). To Beowulf, the wondering about of his greatness is barely an obstacle as he explains his side of the story. In return, he retaliates by claiming, “Proud boy, if your hands were as tough, your heart as tough as you believe it, no fool would certainly risk to rob your hall, destroy Herot and suppress it’s prince, as Grendel has actually done.” (Beowulf 28, 324- 327). This properly quails Unferth as Beowulf points out Unferth’s own failures. At the end of this debate, he hasn’t found out anything, he also seems a lot more overconfident as he talks in virtually an ironical fashion about his soon to be fight with Grendel.

As he battles Grendel he loses among his males, yet given that he never ever regrets, this does not look like much of an obstacle. Beowulf defeats Grendel by carrying out his arm and displaying the arm for all to see. He doesn’t learn anything in his fight with Grendel. He still believe’s himself to be the best. Entering into the battle without a tool verifies simply how certain he remains in his capacities. His confidence prove out when he wins; due to the fact that this confidence is mostly based on confidence in himself, as well as he does not reach a factor where this unbidden belief is questioned, he never ever in fact comes to any type of understanding regarding himself. If anything the battle with Grendel shows that Beowulf does not need aid in a fight and that he is virtually invincible.

His next challenge he combats with Grendel’s mom. The fact that he is gotten in touch with to aid remove Herot of its newest enemy simply reasserts to him that he is the best. He goes to combat Grendel’s mom alone and also the fact that he does not seek any outdoors aid reveals that he has actually not discovered anything. After he is done he seeks Grendel’s currently remains as well as comes before to remove his head. The reality that he has actually won yet one more battle and has not gotten to any kind of understanding concerning himself reveals that this is not a quest.

Beowulf stands for the more certain and also fearless side of people. He never ever inquiries his abilities as well as fasts to safeguard himself. Beowulf is the classic hero with his loyal and also honorable nature; and entirely depicts the universal motif of great versus evil. His battles with Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and with the dragon are examples of a great pressure triumphing over a wicked one. This can be seen today in popular movies and also books, programs, police officers capturing lawbreakers, or even in life, (such as paying your tax obligations.)

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