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Beowulf: Movie or Poem? Essay


Before enjoying the Beowulf motion picture, I had the chance to read the poem along with ghthe course. I thought the flick was going to be a slight different from the epic poem, but that it was still mosting likely to stay with the message that the poem had offered us. As we started to view the flick, I observed that I as completely incorrect because the flick is practically completely different from the epic. The motion picture maintained very few elements from the initial epic poem.

In the poem, Grendel attacks Heorot because he is a descendent of Cain that has actually been banished into darkness. The movie allow us understand that Grendel was the kid of Hrothgar, the king. Grendel might not attack or violate God himself, so he took it versus God’s followers. In the film, Grendel attacked Heorot because he can not stand music and also singing. Noise really bothered his head and ears. In both the motion picture as well as rhyme, Beowulf fights Grendel without any kind of tools or armor since Grendel isn’t using any of that either. Beowulf wants it to be a fair battle. Beowulf splits Grendel’s arm off as well as hangs it up; I believe to symbolize the success.

One more significant distinction to me, is that in the poem, Beowulf eliminates Grendel’s mommy immediately, while in the motion picture in some way Beowulf is attracted by her. Beowulf never eliminates Grendel’s mom. I believe the flick producers took an actually huge jump in this part, it went totally various from the epic poem. Grendel’s mom is likewise described as a lizard-type of creature that was unattractive and unpleasant. Entirely contrary to the epic poem, Grendel’s mom was provocative as well as seductive in the film, perhaps this is the reason why Beowulf gives in to her. As an outcome of this issue, Beowulf comes to be the daddy of a dragon. The epic poem never discusses concerning Beowulf ending up being a dad, he was constantly dedicated and also loyal to his other half.

Lastly in the rhyme, Beowulf returns to his homeland, where he ended up being old as well as came to be king. Beowulf had to combat the dragon along with his knights functioning as a team, but instead, the knights had given up and weren’t assisting him at all. Wiglaf is the only person who reaches out and helps him battle the dragon. This indicates that the Anglo-Saxon Era was involving an end. In spite of every one of this, Beowulf never surrenders, he battles throughout.

In the motion picture, Beowulf never goes back to his homeland, instead he ends up being king of the Danes as an outcome of Hrothgar’s suicide. Beowulf ends up killing the dragon in both versions, yet in the film, Beowulf seemed to have actually lost the brave, brave, as well as daring values. Beowulf just seemed like he had actually quit. Possibly it was fault concerning all his lies that had finally got to him.

I delighted in checking out the poem better than viewing the film. I think the motion picture- manufacturers shouldn’t have actually taken so much out of the initial poem. They made Beowulf feel like a completely various person. The initial Beowulf poem represented a number of the Anglo-Saxon worths, while in the film, it just looked like they really did not represent any of them at all. I wished to see Beowulf similar to they represented him in the rhyme. I wished to see Beowulf being an honorable and also brave figure that never quit on it’s individuals.

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