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Book Paper Brave New World


His character is an outsider, even more so than Bernard Marx. Nevertheless, with clear understanding and analyses of Shakespeare arena works and themes, John is able to put his complex feelings into words. The worths he takes from it likewise gives him a strong foundation on which to base his criticisms of the World State.

It also allows him to ask good concerns and SST ND his ground throughout his deep conversation of God with Mustache Mood (Huxley 2 02).; John turns down the society worths. He acts boldly in calling the Deltas to rebellion n and in throwing away the soma (Huxley 204). Lastly, he faces the effective Mustache State of mind intentionally and intelligently and sets out on his own to produce life for himself, which ends in disaster (Huxley 286). John is held back by his o harmful tendencies toward violence and selenologist. Although John dislike conditioning, Huxley reveals that John has been conditioned, too.

Since of t he reverie conditions of his life in Mammals, John associates sex with humiliation a ND discomfort and character with suffering, and this harmful view gains further pop John’s response to the poetry of Shakespeare. John’s conditioning limits his a capability to act freely, making him a deeply problematic possible hero. His death is the outcome t of his own imperfect understanding as well as the inhuman forces of the brave n ewe world. The scene that best exemplifies this character is likely the taking of his own life (Huxley 310).

This was eventually a snapping point. Since of who John is, an he “nature” of his own character and beliefs and feelings, suicide is the cacti on he was finally minimized to taking. 3. Mustache State of mind Just Mood’s extraordinary power keeps him safe from whispers of his dangerous understanding and collection of unorthodox books. He is untouched able however not inaccessible. With Hellholes and John, State of mind talks about the unspoken assume options of the society they discover so restricting, even admitting his own younger experiment s In tough authority (Huxley 169).

State of mind understands the nature Of the malcontent (he once was among them) however he is devoted to keeping the society stable. He utilizes his power for others’ happiness, he explains, not his own. Throughout his lectures, State of mind reveal sees his unique views on the styles of flexibility, happiness, civilization, and heroism. His dry shipment contributes not only to the satiric tone of the unique, however to John and h is thought processes through their intellectual conversations. 4.

The main conflict lies in between John the Savage whom Bernard Marx brings from the savages’ Booking and the New World. As a representative of humans as t hi when were prior to children were “decanted,” John does not comprehend the lack of lit ratter and he arts; nor, does he understand that “everyone belongs to everyone else”the promiscuity of the New World. In basic, the demutualization of the lived TTS of the New World who participate in gratuitous sex and who are repulsed by death and who get away any uncomfortable sensations by using soma difficulties him.

This conflict of John the Savage with the New World represents the bigger conflict of mankind vs. Scientific techno battle which man appears to be losing. John the Savage fights to keep his f redeem to feel emotions, to suffer, to age, to fail; simply put, he struggles to remain human. For, he realizes that he will no longer be a genuine man if he ends up being socially steady in the e New World since this stability relies on soma, and regression, and his giving up of private thought. 5.

The year is OAF 632. (OAF indicates After Ford, or after the Design T). After doing the e math, We conclude that the setting Of this novel is 2540 A. D. In London, England and New Mexico, USA. 6. Style: The government of Brave New World retains control by making its cit sense so happy and ostensibly satisfied that they don’t care about their personal free doom. In Brave New World, ONE style is that the repercussions of state control are a I joss of self-respect, morals, values, and emotions-? in short, a loss of humanity. Symbol: The drug soma is a sign of making use of pleasure principle to manage the Woo RL State’s population. It is also a symbol of the powerful influence of science and techno gay on society.

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