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Brave New World Character Analysis


Brave New World by Aloud Huxley, the reader is introduced to a really different society than the one that they currently reside in. In this seemingly strange society, Huxley presents Lenin Crowner. Lenin is Aloud Huxley femme fatal character.

She works at a London Center of Hatchery. Lenin is also an extremely “pneumatic” lady that is the perfect Brave New World resident and is likewise completely conditioned to satisfy the expectations of the world controllers. Although smart, she chooses to go back to her conditioning and not cause arguments.

There are moments of non-conformity in her, however she hides such propensities, preferring to be a perfect member of the Brave New World. Given that she is a real product of the Brave New World, she dislikes traditional human emotions and sees sex as only a “no strings connected” type thing. It is since of this that she doesn’t understand why John the Savage is not thinking about her even if of her body. The typical question surrounding Lenin is does she truly like John, or is this just a case of desiring what you can’t have? Throughout the course of the unique, we do see an evolution in Lamina’s character right around the time

John is introduced. We see the snapping point of Lenin when she does something at the end of the book that she’s never done. She sobbed when seeing John isolating himself at the lighthouse therefore revealing that Lenin was most likely in love with John. Personally, still feel that Lenin was simply enamored of the fact that John is various from the rest of the Brave New World. In general, we as readers saw a significant change in Lamina’s character throughout the course of the book. I do feel however that Huxley could have much better represented Lenin in the starting chapters and also explain her a bit

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