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Brave New World: Character Names and Meaning


Brave New World: Character Names and Significance

Bernard Marx
An Alpha male who fails to suit due to the fact that of his inferior physical stature. He holds unconventional beliefs about sexual relationships, sports, and neighborhood occasions
Helmholtz Watson
An Alpha speaker at the College of Emotional Engineering,.
Mustapha Mond
The Homeowner World Controller of Western Europe, one of just ten World Controllers.
The Director of Hatcheries
The Director supervises the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre. He is a threatening figure, with the power to exile Bernard to Iceland. But he is secretly vulnerable since he fathered a child (John), a scandalous and profane act worldwide State
John/The Savage
The kid of the Director and Linda, John is the only significant character to have grown up outside of the World State. The skilled outsider, he has actually spent his life alienated from his village on the New Mexico Savage Booking, and he finds himself similarly unable to fit in to World State society. His entire worldview is based upon his understanding of Shakespeare’s plays, which he can estimate with excellent center.
United States producer of cars who pioneered mass production
A vaccination worker at the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre. She is a things of desire for a number of major and small characters, consisting of Bernard Marx and John. Her behavior is often intriguingly unorthodox, which makes her attractive to the reader. Ultimately, her worths are those of a conventional World State resident: her primary means of connecting to other people is through sex, and she is not able to share Bernard’s disaffection or to understand John’s alternate system of worths.
Lenina Crowne’s friend (they have the same surname due to the fact that only about 10 thousand last names are in use worldwide State). Fanny’s role is generally to voice the standard values of her caste and society. Particularly, she cautions Lenina that she must have more guys in her life due to the fact that it looks bad to focus on one male for too long.
John’s mother, and a Beta. While visiting the New Mexico Savage Reservation, she became pregnant with the Director’s boy. During a storm, she got lost, suffered a head injury and was left. A group of Indians discovered her and brought her to their town. Linda might not get an abortion on the Appointment, and she was too embarrassed to return to the World State with a baby. Her World State-conditioned indiscrimination makes her a social castaway. She is desperate to go back to the World State and to soma.
Popé was Linda’s fan on the New Mexico Savage Reservation. He offered Linda a copy of The Total Functions of Shakespeare
Indian senior on the Reservation who teaches John pottery; he taught john how to work clay and make a bow
The D.H.C
He’s The Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning. He’s an extremely related to Alpha male who delights in taking people on trips of the hatchery. aka Tomakin, who is also John’s daddy
Bokanovsky’s process
the process of an infant being born without a mother or father. It is mass produced on an assembly line, informs what class everyone will be on. One embryo can be split into 96 embryo’s. This is significant due to the fact that it symbolizes the innovation of controlling mankind.
Decanting Room
hatching space were infants are made
science handling improving the hereditary qualities of the mankind
Caste System
people in Brave New World are genetically divided into five Greek letter categories. The best and brightest intellectuals are Alphas while the Epsilons are the manual workers with little requirement for intelligence:
Alphas: Wear grey; these are the intellectuals of society. Some examples of professions can be World Controllers (Alpha double Plus), Directors of Hatcheries, and Wardens. Bernard, a psychologist, is also an Alpha.Betas: Mulberry colored; these persons are somewhat smart and typically work as mechanics.

Gammas: Use green; typically work as machine minders/manipulators, butlers, and other semi-thought-provoking tasks.

Deltas: Use khaki, helicopter attendants, cold pressers, screw-cutters, plan packers; are standardized and have no uniqueness.

Epsilons: Wear black, can’t read or compose, Sewage Employees, liftmen, foundry-workers, providers, semi-morons.

conditioning during sleep, persuading children/babies about morals and locations in society while they sleep
a “hangover totally free” imaginary drug that guarantees that no one ever feels pain or remains unhappy
Orgy- Porgy
a spiritual rite in which individuals have indiscriminate sex with others to develop a feeling of uniformity in the group
See to Booking
The Director releases into a story about a check out to the Appointment he had actually made with a female twenty years previously. Throughout a storm, he tells Bernard, the female was lost and never recuperated
Healthcare facility
death is no big deal
Seventy percent of the female fetuses are disinfected; they are referred to as “freemartins”
Uniformity Service
mock religious services. Twelve individuals take in large quantities of soma and sing hymns.
fictional location where living conditions are terrible (ant. paradise)
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