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Brave New World Conformity


Brave New World Conformity

Conformity: To Not Be Your True Self In Aldous Huxley’s unique Brave New World, Huxley produces a futuristic world governed by conformity and submission to society. Citizens of this World State are conditioned to follow a set way of life figured out at birth in order to create a steady civilization. Nevertheless, there is still some kind of individuality in everyone, particularly in the characters Bernard, Lenina, and Linda. Within each of these characters, their difference in personality does not fit the norms of society, and they for that reason attempt to suppress their own qualities with special methods such as soma.

In times of unhappiness and misery, Bernard, Lenina, and Linda each give up a part of their own uniqueness and ideology, staying with the conventions of the World State society which as a result adds to their struggle of trying to harmonize the remainder of the world. Looking at Bernard, his physical appearance sets him apart from being a typical Alpha: “Bernard’s body was barely much better than that of the typical Gamma” (64 ). Along with his physical appearance, Bernard likewise has the ability to believe in a different way than most people of the World State, apparent on his date with Lenina when he comments about the sea: “It makes me feel as however. as though I were more of me … Not simply a cell in the social body” (90 ). Nevertheless, in spite of his different physical and personality type, he does not exercise his distinctions that would challenge the World State. For example, he makes every effort to wish to resemble Helmholtz, “wishing … that he could have as many ladies as Helmholtz did,” instead of welcoming himself for who he is; Bernard continuously falls into conformity and attempts to follow an order than is not suitable with whom he is.

Rather of checking out and questioning the world around him, he takes soma as his form of suppression to try to solve his problems of fitting into society. When Bernard gets embarrassed in front of the Arch-Community Songster, he picks to take soma which just postpones his problem further and makes his condition worst: “The intoxication of success had evaporated; he was soberly his old self … the old self seemed unprecedentedly much heavier than the surrounding environment” (178 ).

By setting aside his individual characteristics, he ends up being another conformist to the conventions of World State. Likewise, Lenina possesses mental qualities that do not fit into the World State. Lenina tends to be in a relationship with only one man, instead of going out with lots of people as conditioned by the World State. When John pertains to visit the World State, Lenina right away falls in love with him and can not stop thinking of him, displaying human emotions that residents should not have in the World State.

Her human feelings are apparent throughout the night when she waits on John to come out for the Arch-Community Songster: “… she sat in a corner, cut off from those who surrounded her by a feeling which they did not share …” (173 ). From her personality, Lenina is suitabled for a love that includes emotion and connection, but Lenina decides to follow her society and selects to have a love surrounding by blind sex and no sensations. Through this choice, she conforms to the standard, actively adding to the conditions of her society opposite of her real self.

She goes further to take soma after John does disappoint up for Bernard’s presentation, which, similar to Bernard’s soma fix, only extends her issue: “But in the intervals I still like him. I shall constantly like him” (188 ). Through her use of soma, she follows the methods of the World State, discarding her individuality and triggering herself more distress and dispute with her love affairs. Finally, Linda has unique attributes due to her life spent in the Savage Booking and giving birth to her boy John. Linda, in spite of being conditioned to be horrified at the idea of having a baby, still enjoys her boy John.

This is apparent when John discuss his youth experiences with Bernard, describing the time Linda was battering John: “He opened his eyes once again and saw that she was taking a look at him. He tried to smile at her. Suddenly she put her arms round him and kisses him again and again” (127 ). Because Linda has a psychological accessory to John, she has a personality different from the other citizens of the World State Society. Nevertheless, despite the motherly connection that she might have continued with John, she chooses to sell her life to the drug soma.

When Lenina lays dying in the health center with John next to her, she automatically chooses her life of sex and soma she utilized to have more than John: “She understood him for John, her child, however fancied him a trespasser into that paradisal Malpais where she had been investing her soma-holiday with Pope” (205 ). In the very end, Linda reduces her psychological love for John with soma and returns to the concepts and pleasantries of the World State Society. Bernard, Lenina, and Linda all have distinct characteristics that set them apart from the regular people of the World State Society.

However, all 3 of them have unwittingly fallen under the conformities of the state’s maladaptive guidelines, ideally choosing to originate the state’s worths that do not fit their own attributes. The World State’s standards and policies pull all the citizens of the World State, consisting of Bernard, Lenina, and Linda, into one lifestyle of enduring a cause and effect of conformity: the more individuals that conform, the more harder it is to withstand the urge to adhere with them. Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World reveals the devastating impacts of conformity– a force that removes away your private potential and identity.

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