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Brave New World: Hypnopaedic Slogans


Brave New World: Hypnopaedic Mottos

Hypnotherapy is not widely promoted in our society as formal education; yet, it lingers on the horizon. In Huxley’s Brave New World, hypnopaedia is used to promote financial stability and control emotions of the occupants living in England. The economy-oriented society relies on hypnopaedia to keep customers eager to spend by them with catchy, consume-driven phrases. For instance, one motto informs individuals that they “do enjoy flying. They … o love flying” (33 ).

A citizen of London likes being high, utilizing helicopters for all transportation, and the sensation of being safe in an indestructible device. The gas-guzzling devices cost huge amounts of money to keep sustained, therefore the fuel market increases. In addition, individuals think that “ending is better than healing” (35 ). One is taught to do away with products rather of trying to fix them. Society motivates acquiring new, constantly purchasing more and more so as to enhance the economy. Furthermore, children are taught that “the more stitches the less riches” (33 ).

Stitching and other fixing of any kind are discredited, since it does not cost anything, rather, it saves cash. The more one attempts to heal and keep rather than discard, the less cash in flow throughout the country and therefore, the economy suffers. The prosperity of this cash cycle is valued highly, and so these three jingles are sleep-taught to all. Hypnopaedic mottos focus likewise on encouraging emotionless happiness. For instance, Lenina typically says “a gramme is much better than a damn” (37 ). Society teaches one to take a gram of soma, the drug with no after affect, to eliminate problems or worries.

When individuals pick soma instead of handling problems, it promotes psychological stability throughout the nation. In addition, people find out that “one cubic centimeter remedies 10 bleak sentiments”( 60 ). One is supposed to take soma rather of sensation bad or upset about anything, which can sidetrack the mind from other, more crucial matters. Instability in the office takes place when one has emotional tension that can remove from the quality and quantity of the work done. Furthermore, individuals babble off that “was and will make me ill. I take a gramme and only am” (29 ).

It is taught that the past and future do not matter, focusing only on today is the right way to be. Worrying about history or what is to come simply creates feeling, therefore one should simply take soma. Soma is the crucial to their stability through unfeeling and placidity. In the year AF 632, hypnopaedia is the most common approach of mentor values and morals. By sleep teaching utilizing brief, appealing slogans, individuals memorize and think these ideas of economic success and emotionless blessedness. England is a completely Socialistic country that depends on conditioning and hypnotherapy to control its people.

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