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Brave New World Research Paper


Brave New World Term Paper

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley demonstrates how clinical advances could and have actually destroyed human values. Huxley wrote Brave New World in 1932, and the majority of the technologies he analyzes in the book have, to some degree, developed into truths. He expresses the issue that society has been neglecting human-being distinction in the progression of worshipping innovation. In the story there are no mothers or fathers and people are produced on a meeting line where they are categorized before birth. They also use a drug called, soma, to control themselves which illustrate the absence of individual liberty.

Everyone in the state world do whatever they were taught given that they were growing. For example, one of the tasks they provide people is sexuality which is shown as a daily and just amusing activity with no feelings or sensations whatsoever. We can see an extreme loss of human worths since what makes a person is the fact that they feel, think, and choose. It is fantastic how Huxley composed this book more than 60 years ago, yet we see resemblance to it in our society today. For example, society utilizes various type of drugs to manage moods if they desire.

Another fine example might be how physicians are now producing children with specific qualities based upon what their parents want and utilizing donors’ genes. An extremely stunning minute for me in the novel was when Linda, John’s mom, was passing away and individuals in the state world were watching and making fun of it. Today we see a lot of individuals who don’t appreciate their parents and people who take pleasure in the suffering of others. What has society gone to? How would you feel to be in a twisted world where we are produced in factories? How would you feel to be in a world where there are no such things as liberty or principles?

I think society is close to arrive and it’s unfortunate due to the fact that all our feelings, ideas, and worths make the meaning and beauty of life. First off, Aldous Huxley creates an odd vision of a future life in which people are processed, trained, disciplined, and drugged into total social conformity. Everybody, while still in their container, is trained to fit into a particular social group. There is no such thing as a family, which would just get in the way of conformity. The story concentrates on Bernard Marx. As we see in the discussion of Max and his girlfriend Lenina in chapter six: He chuckled, “Yes, ‘everyone enjoys nowadays. We start providing children that at five. However would not you like to be free to be delighted in some other way, Lenina? In your own method, for instance; not in everyone else’s method.” -Bernard Marx (91 ), Max is disaffected with the adjustment of society. He takes Lenina to the American Southwest where Native Americans live in an “uncivilized” state for Londoners, but which for us would be typical. There they encounter a young man named John, who turns out to be the child of the director of the state, and his mother Linda; who they give the state world. The purpose of the Savage is to question the brave brand-new world.

His positioning in the novel as the “other” reveals the narrowed state of mankind and lack of individualism in the production of individuals. Everybody in the brand-new world is very adapted to the lives they have actually been offered from the controllers and they see real life, our life, as pornographic scene. In this world, just those who conform are welcome and those who are “defected”, like Max; are turned down by everybody and sent to the island. In chapter 15 a group of Deltas reveal conformity when John begins informing them that the soma is toxin and that he has come to bring them flexibility.

Rather of listening to him, they get disturbed since they are not getting their soma. The Utopians are amazed with John and they would like to know everything about him. This drives John crazy; who tries to hide and flee as far as he can. Secondly, in Brave New World, Huxley explains a world where the state controls the residents in a really inhumane method. “Call it the fault of civilization. God isn’t compatible with equipment and scientific medication and universal happiness. You must make your option. Our civilization has actually chosen equipment and medicine and happiness.

That’s why I need to keep these books secured in the safe. They’re smut.” -Mustapha Mond (234 ). Instead of relying on fear to control individuals and letting them pick from their own point of view, the government controls them through happiness; a phony happiness which is taken into their heads as they grow up. In the novel, according to the World State, joy is integrated with stability. The fundamental objective of the brave new world is, supreme: the “happiness” of all, even if the consequences cause the loss of liberty and free will.

We can see how crucial it is for the state to enhance happiness upon individuals when Mustapha Mond says: “The world’s steady now. Individuals enjoy; they get what they want, and they never ever want what they can’t get. They’re well off; they’re safe; they’re never ever ill; they’re not scared of death; they’re blissfully oblivious of enthusiasm and aging they’re so conditioned that they practically can’t help acting as they ought to act. And if anything must fail, there’s soma.” (220 ). The government’s goal is to manage individuals however it utilizes an extremely inhumane way.

Individuals aren’t experiencing what life is truly about because the state wishes to keep individuals away form questioning. The essay Brave New World Society’s Moral Decline discovered in www. 123helpme. com, speak about Huxley’s beliefs and forecasts of the future when he was writing the book. Some of these, he believed were sexual freedom, over-population, brain-washing/sleep-teaching, and making use of mind changing drugs. These are ways that the government manage to control the people. In the essay, China is utilized as an example of Huxley’s predictions; being a communist and over-populated country.

It also talks about using a drug called “soma” in the novel. Soma makes them feel better so they would have a positive mindset towards those who supply such happiness. Soma is described in the essay as “the best tool of the dictator”, because it creates a passive and conformist society; in other words, much easier to control. As the essay estates, soma ends up being the best escape from truth and permits the joy to be shared among buddies. Lastly, the novel shows how human values have actually been removed from individuals. There are no worths in the state world.

At the start of chapter 17, there is a conversation between the Savage and the Controller; “Art, science-you seen to have paid a relatively high rate for your joy,” stated the Savage, when they were alone. “Anything else? “; “Well, religion, obviously,” replied the Controller. In his essay: BNW: The Expense of Stability 1998, Jr. Gehlhaus examines the ways in which the novel Brave New World shows a loss of human worths and how it has actually established in society today. He talks about the expense of stability in the state world, and how in this “utopian world” that Huxley creates, the dehumanizing of guy, is being attained.

He points out worths people have to sacrifice to be gladly stable according to the federal government. Gehlhaus discusses the loss of individuality, feeling, and cultural environment. When children are born, there are controllers who provide specific aspects according to their social class. They are then taught to do a certain job just like everyone in their social level. Individuals from the very same social class think, do, and look the exact same. There is no such thing as individuality given that the government manages people’s minds. Gehlhaus talks about how the government also takes away emotions.

They don’t desire individuals to believe in anything. Individuals are encouraged to take soma so they would come to a state of pins and needles and do not feel anything; especially when they are alone. Household love doesn’t exist, and neither does like for anybody or anything else. There are no feelings at all when they make love, so sex ends up being simply an unstable passion. He also talks about the absence of cultural environment, when he states that a society without literature will never change; which is precisely what the government desires: stability.

Religious beliefs was never taught so individuals do not believe in God; nobody actually believes in anything since they are being controlled. Individuals do not have the right; they are unable to select from what they desire which shows the huge loss of identity. He points out there is no knowing. Thoughts are being taken into people’s minds while they sleep as they grow up. People aren’t associated with journalisms of thinking, discovering, or sensation; rather they are being set as if they were robotics. Gehlhaus relates the unique to our society.

New science has actually developed methods to clone people which shows the loss of individuality today. He recognizes a breakdown in society, when people go on to the web to discover just about any information they desire. He likewise mentions a waste of energy, which we can see today in virtual truth and drugs. As a last point, he makes a statement pointing out the great part in which they don’t have illness, war, or suffering; however there is a lot more things and principles that people compromised for that. In conclusion, Brave New World reflects society as it is taking place today. Huxley’s vision was precise yet not precise? o far! He described how the government managed to control the people in such manners. In the novel, the state offered the people phony joy as well as a phony life, and makes them think of it as an utopia. Considering that they are taught that way all their life they accept it, revealing adhere. There are lots of human worths that they didn’t know of; therefore, they could not experience them. Huxley composes, in his foreword to Brave New World (1946 ), that “The style of Brave New World is not the advancement of science as such; it is the improvement of science as it affects human people.

The victories of physics, chemistry and engineering are tacitly taken for granted. The only scientific advances to be particularly described are those involving the application to people of the outcomes of future research study in biology, physiology and psychology”. Max demonstrates that an ideal society can’t be produced due to the fact that there is no such thing as a world without fault. The Londoners imitate qualified robotics, and their mindset and outfits might make a real human being go crazy; like when it comes to John who was impacted by their culture and wound up dedicating suicide.

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