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Brave New World Theme Statement


Brave New World Style Declaration

Brave New World Style Declaration Essay The novel ‘Brave New World’ starts out with the world’s states slogan of stability, identity and neighborhood. One can infer from the start that these might be the books explicit styles, but once you read it through it ends up being clear that the books primary focus is stability. Stability is caused by the happiness of a neighborhood as an entire, because if a community is happy then individuals have no factor to riot or rebel. To manage the joy, (and in turn, stability) the people of the World State provide the people under their control to partake in the intake of Soma. Soma may make you loose a couple of years in time, but consider the enormous, immeasurable durations it can offer you out of time.” (p. 154) Sadly for the controllers, drugs aren’t the only things individuals can flourish on. Whether it is in God or another individual, people require to put their faith in something in order to go on. Thankfully there were historical figures prior to them who might help them with this problem, Henry Ford. Ford was the innovator of his time, introducing a brand-new meaning to the word ‘mass production’ through a production line.

His development in America’s performance proved to assist merge America’s communities by offering Model T vehicles at a price the contemporary family might pay for. He was the main option for the ‘new worlds’ idol, and the residents in society were taught to praise him. “I drink to the imminence of his coming.” (p. 82) Faith and joy were attained through chemicals and strong conditioning, however what more could Huxley give to the controller’s to increase the strength of their hang on society?

By ridding the new world of art and beauty, nobody had actually the born desire and curiosity to look back into the previous lives of the people prior to them. There was no interest in history, art, science … and books were locked away to conceal everything to everybody who wasn’t born pre-determined to handle the function of a controller. Out with the old and in with the new, this is the ideal message they sent out to their people, and this still is true even for Linda as she was stuck in Malpais. “And you’re supposed to repair it if it gets torn. But I’m a beta … obody ever taught me how to do anything like that.” (P. 121) As odd as it may seem, I think love can be read as an underlying implicit theme. I believe Huxley is attempting to show us its significance by eliminating from the world in his contemporary catastrophe. There is no love, in the world state everybody belongs to everybody this isn’t something one would call a natural instinct, however it is conditioned to children at a young age. We see this ethical as it plays out in Linda’s confusion towards John and his ideal of marital relationship, “All I can state is, it does seem a great deal of difficulty to make about so little.

In civilized countries, if a kid desires a girl he simply …” (p. 135) Her conditioning makes it so unfathomable for her to even think of dedication. This connects back to the primary theme of stability due to the fact that of how strong emotional ties bend and break people, and you can not have a tight-nit neighborhood with broken links. John however, represents our suitables, and us “For always. They make a promise to live together for constantly.” (p. 191) Linda and her conditioning appear to function as an alerting to us, if we want the steady society the world seeks (a. k. a. World Peace”) we can not run the risk of giving whatever else caring someone besides yourself. Beyond the love and love we can receive in this life; abuse, neglect, and misery follow love hand in hand. The abuse we suffer by our own hands and b the grip of another person is another underlying subject. To assist get rid of emotional ties, the World State has actually removed the suitable of family entirely, sufficed across all the boards. “House, home-a few little rooms, stiflingly over-inhabited by a guy, an occasionally teaming female, by a rabble of boy and women of any ages. (p. 37) To residents o today’s real contemporary society, where would we be without household? The concept itself as nearly unthinkable! We believe within ourselves that if we have no one else to rely on, at least our family stands a number of rate behind us no matter what. To most households this truth rules real, however regrettably this doesn’t show everybody, every child worldwide. Abuse occurs everywhere, in places we don’t even believe to look, I believe this was a primary concern of the World Controllers when they decided to cut households from their new society.

In the unique John is the ideal example of a household gone wrong, ideal propaganda for the cutting of family. We see his discomfort in his memories of being beaten as a kid.” ‘Linda,’ he cried out. ‘Oh Mother, do not! ‘,” Linda also is the ideal example for the horrible moms and dads out there by her quote as she beat her boy to a bloody pulp. “I’m not your Mother. I wont be your Mother.” (P. 127) For stability to happen you must quit the trials of love and abuse alike like they are equal. Now is this a caution from Aldous Huxley to us, or suggestions for us to bring as we move onto tomorrows promising light?

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