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Brave New World Vs. Our World of Today


Brave New World Vs. Our World of Today

Contrast In Between Brave New World and Our World of 2012 Every person wants a perfect world. A world deprived of violence, judgment, or strife, because people produce their own worlds, they discover their superlative lifestyle, the ideal idea of religious beliefs, and the ‘ideal’ government. That’s when you get an utopia, however when you turn it and all those ideas of equality and excellence it’s different and is a total dystopia. Our world that we reside in is neither, nothing is of absolute excellent and absolutely nothing is of absolute bad. We live in an unhinged society that keeps us going.

Brave New World Compared to Today

Sex, drugs, love, consumerism, household, god, status, and society in basic face relentless change and are unalike from everyone’s points of view. You can alter whatever from location to location, story to story, based upon your own understanding of the world you live in, and the world you reside in is such a base aspect for your creativity that really anything can become anything. Aldous Huxley bases Brave New World strongly on what he had experienced and seen worldwide, and now has a relevance to our existing world that we see today.

He has taken a view of a separate society, twisted it, and formed it to what he thought might take place in the future. Is it really much different then what has occurred? At first appearance it looks absolutely nothing alike, but when you dig deeper you see the similarities and the distinctions around subjects that have faced us everyday. Huxley produces a utopian world where absolutely nothing is mistrusted and everyone believes that all that occurs there is right, other than for the select couple of. His utopian development establishes a place where there is no judgment and a lot more flexibility still with the impending domain of control.

Control is a major aspect the effects all of us, and doesn’t customize much however rings us in to bear the fact that we have limits and rules that can not be broken. With his openness of sex, sensual play in young children, usage of drugs, statuses, and consumerism, Huxley takes what he has actually seen and what he knows from experience and warps it into a partial reality to our world today. Huxley grew up in a time of wars, through a defend power over all domains and with trips to the states he saw the opposite. He saw how people were more open with themselves, sexually and not, and how consumerism had such a big part to play in America.

The affiliation with our world in Brave New World was there from the start, but our world has begun to relate more and more as we have grown as a civilization. Today in 2012 we have actually developed forwards and back. Creating a controversial view on sex, drugs, and our statuses in society. The types of openness that we have are so demeaning in our society that we judge and hate. Whatever is illegal and if it is not prohibited, we discredit it since we see it as demoralizing, however yet we still do it. Teenager sex, sex trade, raves, celebrations, poor vs. rich, and our level of consumerism make it all outstanding.

What we find out in school and perform in life is how we find out and grow as people: do something wrong to learn what is right. Our world is a counter reflection of the world in Brave New World and our world will not become that, it will simply come close in it’s own little method. With mainly no mothers in Brave New World it is near difficult for kids to be born through sex and live birth so babies are made in a complex test tube, science factory proses. From the beginning phase to the end infants are made in test tubes and are built to look and grow as a particular status.

Being able to select the height, skin color, hair, disabilities, and anything else phase by stage, and with the capability to mimic the development throughout pregnancy they produce numerous Alpha’s, Beta’s, Gamma’s, Delta’s, and Epsilon’s. People are made to fit their caste, designer people is where Brave New World stands. The process of producing an embryo and child efficiently and by a long conveyor system with heaters and rays is a substantial procedure that all needs to be carried out in a controlled area is a balanced process of science and life.

Today in the world we have the ability to go to the medical professional if we can not produce babies ourselves. Individuals can go through a surgical treatment and treatment to eliminate the eggs from the woman and get sperm from the man and through a complex treatment you can make an infant. Nowadays, you can pick hair color, height, gender, and anything you desire in a kid and you will get that infant, like ordering a pizza. There is no chance in informing whether that the medically helped process to making babies is in fact a leap forward or not. Some individuals would rather say that if you can not bear kids on your own that you are ust not indicated to and then you can embrace, but this capability has managed the science and medical neighborhood to assist households and has actually conserved lives by creating children to match older siblings who have health problems like leukemia to help offer cell transplants, organs, and blood. In Brave New World it has to do with creation and developing more individuals to surplus the population and simply to develop. Now in 2012, it has to do with producing and making a household, that is a big part of it however there is the factor of producing for a function a function to assist and conserve. We have a balance here.

Both worlds have the capability to choose, produce life from a test tube and have it flourish as a human being for the purpose needed. Whether it has to do with simply having a kid, developing simply another person, conserving a life, or anything else, the ability exists and exists in both circumstances. Sex. It is as controversial as it appears, but Huxley promotes it in an intentional way to pull his point through, “Everybody belongs to everyone else.” It actually does not define anything about how people really are. The capability to sleep with as lots of people as you can is promoted rather then lessened.

The assistance that goes into having as many sex partners is high, whereas those who have just one have no assistance. Having a serious relationship, one partner, for a decent time period is looked down on. The location and truth of it all is that sex is best for any age and the more people that you have had, the much better it is. Young kids, five and six, are encouraged to play with each other with sexual habits, the normality of the promo of young sex, young erotica, as lots of sex partners as possible is weaved into daily circumstances.

When someone states no to having sex with you, it is a little bit of an outrage and is considered irregular. Huxley promotes the sexuality in human beings, the young and old, as normality and as a lifestyle. His way of saying that “everyone comes from everyone else” might be thought about as demeaning, however in truth it expands a kind of equality where you are not evaluate because way. Sex trafficking, sex servants, sex abuse, kid sex abuse, incest, rape, none of which are things to be joked about today. Sex is made complex in our world with all of the unlawful relations with it, but there is a typical regimen.

Everybody does it, so it needs to be right, but the typical age for people to have sex has actually substantially dropped over the past few years. From individuals being in their early twenties or on their wedding event night, the typical age for very first time sex is as low as sixteen, however in some nations it is still twenty plus. That is what stats inform us, but in truth there are kids as young as 10 and eleven in Canada and the United States willingly sending themselves for sex. We judge and embarrass over the matter. The sex industry has actually become such a lucrative one in countries all over the world.

Sex isn’t just for pleasure and to show love it has actually ended up being about money and the requirement for it, and taking it from others to meet that requirement. “The joy of the power it takes to do it to someone is a feeling I like, and I do not know why, I hate myself for it but I can’t stop”, Thanos Altman. Sex is seldom about doing that one thing with the individual that you truly love. For kids it is about doing something to say they are fully grown enough to do it, but are doing the opposite and are immature enough not to understand that they should not which there are consequences.

Our world is about acts; it is the act of doing something and taking the important things that you really desire. We have actually run into the problem of rapists and abusers who have in their head that “Everyone comes from everybody else”, and that could be damaging. Individuals’s lives have been damaged since of this idea. Huxley has his point of open sex and sex with as many people to create a kind of equality. The fairness that you won’t be judged or pushed for a number and looked down on it, it does not matter how many or how little, all that matters is if you’re doing it or not which’s that. The equality level of it is better.

Sure people still will try to take it from others but it is not as bad due to the fact that of his balance. Our ages aren’t that various however the truth is that Huxley has an open concept and our world is torn apart because of the belligerents in society. Utilizing ‘Soma’, ‘Uniformity Solutions’, and more, Huxley provides his drug as something that is a typical as coffee is to us. He still provides a consequence, but really everything has a repercussion. The people of Brave New World utilize this drug for whatever. They utilize it to get happy, to take discomfort away, Uniformity Service’s, orgies, as a hallucinogenic, and other numerous things.

Everyone does it and healthcare facilities give it out. It is such status quo in their lives. They require to have that connection to their drugs and have the drug relation with daily life with all people, it is near troubling. Their Solidarity Service is a setting where you take the drug together and make your heartbeat as one. You take the drugs in a procedure of a few actions while in between you rest and chant. Gradually your heart will beat with everybody else. They desire the unity that is connected to the drugs. Huxley has a strong bond in between drugs and sex in his book. He relates whatever to each other.

Soma is a distinct substance, not perfectly fitting into any known drug classification. It is an important part of their lives and it is necessary for them to maintain that connection. The control that they have is to maintain their drug intake and deal with the effects. You can still go into a drug coma and can still die. With those minor issues it appears as if their drug is as normal to them as juice and coffee is to us. It keeps our blood glucose up and it keeps them content. Drugs are a complicated aspect; they destroy individuals’s lives, they harm, they interrupt our currently imbalanced life.

They kill, they torture, they do damage to everybody involved. Drugs aren’t the calmness that they are constructed to be. Pot, coke, dope, oxi, and a lot more to name are continuously in media, schools, and on the streets. Drugs are utilized for hallucinations, discomfort relief, and distress. They have many uses however in society, they are not discovered as suitable. Drugs are a profound topic and are constantly under the microscope. Great or bad they are utilized in society for whatever. In our world it is looked down upon and is considered immoral while in Huxley’s it is thought about great and simply. Both worlds have drug caused deaths, but drugs likewise assist.

Huxley’s relation with drugs is favorable, at this point in time we are not there yet and we can take a look at the substance abuse in his book as abject and poor. Drugs are complicated and no matter whom you talk with everyone will have a different view on them. Whether they see them as excellent, bad or both there will never be an easy response. In reality drugs make people pleased, in both worlds, whether they are deemed inappropriate or not there will always be somebody pleased, and in cases they will always help. Split, status and consumerism are separated and managed. You are born in your status; it depends on how you grow throughout the growth procedure as an egg.

When you are born as an Alpha or Epsilon you are stuck as that for your entire life. Brave New World is a very customer based society where you are constantly shopping the newest and best thing out there. It is a place where you wish to have the best thing out of all your pals. In Brave New World it is so highly based with the fact that you are born the way you are and absolutely nothing will change that. The way you look, how high or brief you are, and if you have any disabilities reveals whether you are low or high and what type of jobs you can achieve. Status is what you are born with, not what you grow up with or make yourself.

It is various then the rest of his book by the truth that not everyone enjoys. Bernard Marx is a main character in Brave New World and he struggles with himself; h is an alpha male but his body does not rather fit his status level. He is simply a little shorter and has to be more assertive to people to show his status level. The reality that you are born how you will live is more difficult to think about because you don’t get to work your method up the ladder of society. Consumerism is so relative to the images that are sent. They desire you to purchase, and buy, and buy so that you look high and ideal in such a way that is acute to your status.

Status and consumerism are connected in our world. The more you have the higher status that you have and the more popular you are. It’s how we work. It is all about purchasing things and just how much cash you make and own. The more or less that you have pretty much establishes where you remain in society’s classes. High, middle, or low it differs on whether you have cash or you do not, where you live, your job, and your connections in life. Consumerism is based partly by influence. You see what somebody else has and you want it, so you go out purchase it and purchase something else because that can reveal you have more cash for things then the other individual.

We live in a consistent flow of the need to out buy everyone around you. It resembles a competitors without a winner. Our status lives are filled with the forethought of what can I buy next and how much cash do I have? Our relation with it all is so undefined that we can’t see what we are doing. Unrelenting jealousy extends us and makes us want more and be more then we can handle and accomplish. The manner in which status and consumerism are linked is devastating. Absolutely nothing is completely defined and in the end might blindside us into our own demise.

In one corner things are connected, in the other things are separate and in that we have proven ourselves as customers. In both worlds it is everything about buying new things, as frequently as you can, and as much as you can. Entirely detached to status Huxley’s world, consumerism is a fight in between the statuses and makes no additional links. In our world the constant connection in between status and consumerism will drive us into the ground as we attempt to “Keep up with the Jones’s”. Together it is all like a funhouse mirror, specific topics are bigger and or closer then other ones.

It is rippled and distorted. We aren’t precisely the exact same or comparable. Fertilization, sure we might be moving more towards Huxley and are using test tube innovations we are not there yet. We have the method of creating things in a test tube to a specific point, not all the method through from starting to end. Sex is a big topic and the similarities are substantial. Between age, amount, and openness however the aspect that we have on it compared to Huxley is entirely various. Drugs are so parallel it is scary. Taking them all the time for whatever. Status and consumerism are alike and different.

The consumerism element is highly alike with the truth of buying continuously and out purchasing is a big aspect. Huxley’s procedure appears; he took his own understanding and experience and formed it to a form fitted dream of how the world would end up. The twisted truth of it is substantial. It appears that Huxley’s world of Brave New World has a firm hold on truth. The concrete relation is clear, and he had a company grip on thought. He took his knowledge of society then and what it could be and turned it into a well-formed outlook on our future. We might not be quite aligned with this vision of the future however we are content with how we are now.

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