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Brief Summary of Animal Farm – Paper


Short Summary of Animal Farm– Paper

Short Summary of Animal Farm The entire story of Animal Farm starts when a pig called Old Major puts together all the animals on the then understood “Manor Farm” and informs them of a dream he had about living free from the reign of all human beings. He called his idea “Animalism”, however would never ever be able to see it working, since he dies just a few days after giving his speech. To change Old Major’s leadership, 2 other pigs, named Snowball and Napoleon, ultimately took over.

Then one night the owner of the farm, Mr. Jones, forgets to feed the animals, and they rebel against him, driving him off the farm. From that day forward the farm is understood by “Animal Farm”. The animals then developed the seven commandments from which they would live by. Initially, the animals have everything choosing them. The animals harvest all the crops for the season. Napoleon however, feels that since he is the leader, he can do things like steal the cows milk and the other pigs apples.

He also teams up with Squealer, another pig, whose task is to persuade the other animals that whatever the pigs state goes. Then, in the fall, Mr. Jones returns to recover his farm. But thanks to Snowball, the only pig who has actually stayed real, Jones falls to the animals in the Battle of the Cowshed. Winter season then brought many unusual events. Mollie the horse was drawn off the farm. Snowball drew up an idea for a windmill so the animals didn’t need to work as hard, however Napoleon opposed the concept, and then got a group of canines to run Snowball off the farm.

Napoleon then orders the animals to construct the windmill, stating it was his idea, and then utilizes Snowball as a scapegoat, stating he was responsible for the animals problems. Over the span of the next year, the animals develop the windmill. Of all of them, Fighter, a horse, works the hardest day in and day out. Mr. Jones gave up on attempting to regain the farm, and relocations. Then, the structure of the windmill was disrupted when a storm destroyed part of it. Napoleon immediately purchased it be rebuilt.

At this moment Napoleon has actually ended up being a total totalitarian ordering the other animals around and oversleeping the people beds. The windmill was destructed by Frederick after a sell which he received fake banknotes. Practically all of the original 7 rules have actually been broken, and are now customized on the farmhouse wall. An example was the rule “no animal will drink alcohol” being altered to “no animal shall consume alcohol in excess”. When Napoleon chooses the windmill needs to be restored, Boxer as soon as again proves himself the hardest employee.

But after he collapses, Napoleon offers him to a knacker. Instead of informing the animals that, he instead tells them Fighter went to a vet and passed away in harmony. Years later, Napoleon ends up buying two other farms from Pilkington. Life for all the animals (except the pigs) was harsh. Quickly the pigs ended up being nearly total people, walking on 2 feet, despite the fact that at the starting people were the top enemy. The commandments were reduced to “all animals are equal, but some more equivalent than others” and the farm is relabelled Manor Farm.

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