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Catcher In the Rye: Childhood vs Adulthood


Catcher In the Rye: Youth vs Adulthood

Thesis Declaration: Analysis of the significant concern of Salinger’s novel– Childhood years vs The adult years– utilizing the lead character’s quotes
Table Of Contents

  • Intro: The method teeenagers typically respond to the prospect of coming to be an adult
  • A brief summary of the book’s occasions
  • Youth vs Their adult years– quotes how Holden contrasts them throughout the novel
  • Evaluation of Holdens Grownup Prices Estimate
  • What is the factor behind Holden’s alcohol consumption and also trying to talk with complete stragers
  • Final thought: Mental importance of Holden’s personality advancement as compared to real-life teens
  • Work Mentioned

At a young age, every youngster is taught that at some time in their life time they will certainly become an adult. Some kids can not wait to “grow up”, while others seem to withstand it with every fiber of their being. A select couple of on the various other hand are a combination of both, and in this category falls a young boy called Holden Caulfield. His immaturity, self-denial, terrible practices, as well as inability to proceed from the previous make him relatable to any kind of young adult, or any kind of former teen.

A short summary of the novel’s events

Holden is the main character in a popular book by J. D. Salinger labelled, “The Catcher in the Rye”. The standard of the story is that Holden stops working out of a private school as well as trips to New york city City all by himself as well as over a 3 day period. Throughout this 3 day duration he reminisces regarding his past and uses his too much quantity of cash to search for an incorrect happiness. Towards the end of “The Catcher in the Rye”, it is clearly revealed that Holden has established some type of mental disease that his maintaining him from obtaining this maturation.

Youth vs The adult years

The transition from youth to their adult years is the pure emphasis of this unique, for his partnerships with youngsters, his clinical depression, and also his judgment are all variables that support this trip. Holden thinks that he is an adult, however he likewise naively desires to come to be a child. One example of this is when Holden says

“She was laying asleep with her face kind of on the pillow. Take adults, they look poor when they’re asleep, yet kid’s don’t. Youngsters look all right. They can even spit throughout the pillow and also they still look alright”

Salinger, 110

(Salinger, 110). Holden locates every little thing far more attractive in the innocence of a kid.

Evaluation of Holdens Grownup Prices Quote

He finds them both appealing in appearance as well as discussions. He discovers children incorruptible, claiming that even if they spit on their cushion and also are covered in drool they still look descent. Holden himself wants to resemble a child, uncorrupted by the globe, as can be seen in this Holden Caulfield quote as well as throughout the novel. Holden’s attraction in children may be able to be tracked back to a terrible even in his life. In another source it specified

“One method to discover layers of Holden’s mind is to reflect on his childhood years in order to discover one considerable childhood distressing event that may describe his state of being.”

Salinger, 129

Holden’s bro Allie we uncover has died because of possible cancer or an accident. Allie was just a few years more youthful than Holden when he passed, and it seems to take a huge toll on Holden. An instance is when Holden determines to write an essay on Allie’s old baseball mitt. It states,

“You ‘d have liked him. He was 2 years more youthful than I was, however he had to do with fifty times smart” Holden remains to clarify all the factors he enjoys Allie, and also exactly how great of a person his little brother was.”

Salinger, 38

Allie’s childhood years death may be a rational explanation of why he is so connected and protective over kids throughout the novel. Sometimes occasions in the past can disable a person from proceeding. An additional quote pulled from the secondary source was

“There are a number of ways critics have actually tried to describe Holden’s favorable characteristics, consisting of instead evident childish virtue. This top quality is relevant in a variety of passages. “

Salinger, 12

Holden’s childlike virtue is bittersweet. He is transitioning to their adult years however keeps snapping back to being a child. His childlike habits and also innocence shows how his immaturity.

Holdens The Adult Years Quotes

It likewise extra importantly shows how he has yet to totally become an adult, although he believes he has currently. A significant quote from “The Catcher in the Rye” is when Holden claims

“I keep envisioning these youngsters playing some game in this huge field of rye as well as all. Countless little kids and no one’s around- no one huge, I indicate- except me. And also I’m basing on the side of some crazy high cliff– I suggest if they’re running and they don’t understand where they’re going. “

Salinger, 173

This quote shows how Holden is facing troubles coming to be an adult himself so he intends to shield children from ending up being adults.

The rye field signifies innocence whilst the cliff signifies falling under the adult years. Holden wants to keep kids from maturing, because he recognizes just how corrupt the world is. He does not desire the kids’s innocence to be stained equally as his is. His experience throughout the story is extremely adverse and he does not desire the same concern on any person else. Holden constantly is shielding a feeling a feeling of clinical depression and prolonged sadness in the story. This has a result on how he can not proceed to their adult years. When Holden is leaving Pencey Prep he states

“I was trying to really feel some kind of farewell.

I imply I’ve left colleges and also locations, I really did not also recognize I was leaving them. I hate that. I uncommitted if it’s a depressing goodbye or a bad farewell, when I leave an area I such as to understand I’m leaving it. If you don’t you feel even worse. “

Salinger, 18

This declaration is a paradox. Holden intends to be connected to individuals, but he does not want to make any psychological investment that will end up depressing him. This is a childlike act, most likely resulting from losing his youngster sibling Allie. He does not want to face the psychological toll of this, as well as it shows the reader that he is still embeded the past.

Another quote from “Catcher in the Rye” is when Holden says

“When I lastly came down off the radiator as well as went out to the hat-check space, I was sobbing and all. I don’t know why, yet I was”

Salinger, 153

Holden plainly has some type of anxiety or mental disorder. He is crying over basic reasons, as well as he can not regulate it. Although Holden tries to wander off far from his sadness in the novel it is clearly seen. His psychological failures remain to obtain more powerful as his character progresses. Holden’s absence of judgment likewise can sustain the concept of his struggle in between childhood and adulthood.

He claims

“I do not even understand what I was competing- I think I just seemed like it. “

Salinger, 5

. Holden selects “trip” whenever he is confronted with a “fight of flight” situation. This is symbolic of him “running” from the adult years rather than growing up. He does not intend to be tied down by the ropes of maturity. Throughout guide he ranges from almost every challenging choice or challenge he is confronted with. He does not know just how to manage adult scenarios which additionally supports his childlike high qualities. Another quote also states

“”Well- take me to Edmont after that,” I said. “Would certainly you like stop en route and join me for a cocktail? On me, I’m packed.”

Salinger, 60



Holden is not making judgment calls when alcohol consumption and also connecting with complete strangers at his young age. He is hopeless for a person to speak to. He likewise wishes to drown away his confusion as well as sadness with alcohol, and also thinks chatting and also doing grown-up points makes him a grownup. His assumption is regretfully incorrect. His interactions with strangers back up the reality that he still acts like a youngster although he intends to discover the advantages of being a grownup. Childhood years versus Their adult years is the toughest and most vivid motif in the unique “The Catcher in The Rye”. Holden struggles as he gets on a slim line of maturation as well as immaturity.

He wishes to swing back from being a kid to being an adult which he can not do. His confusion is so substantial that it results in depression, absence of judgment, and a false love of childhood virtue. He stereotypes the adult world to be corrupt and also the youngster world to be heaven like. He constantly courts other people to dismiss his self-demons. His hoping to be a youngster once more brings about his utmost failure, in which he is admitted to an emotional health center. Although most novels of this time period go uphill with a favorable end, this publication strikes rock base at the end. It shows a drastic however realistic version of the amount of complication as well as self-discovery in teen hood while coming to be a grownup.

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