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Catcher in the Rye – Coming of Age


Catcher in the Rye– Coming of Age

By the end of the novel, Holden experiences a maturing and also reveals indications that he prepares to get in the adult years. When Holden is sitting on the stairways of Phoebe’s institution, he sees profanity composed in the school. He rubs it off to prevent the children seeing it. He experiences extra obscenity, scrubs it off, yet then recognizes that even if he rubs off all the blasphemy he can, there will certainly constantly be more on the planet. This shows Holden’s growth into a fully grown character.

He recognizes that he can not protect children from seeing the blasphemy, as he can not be the catcher in the rye for them. Additionally, when Holden sees Phoebe grabbing the ring on the slide carousel, he ends, “The thing with children is, if they wish to order for the gold ring, you need to let them do it, and also not say anything. If they diminish, they fall off, yet it’s bad if you claim anything to them” (Salinger 211).

When Holden permits Phoebe to grab the ring, it appears that he is no more attempting to protect her from dropping. Jeff Pettineo comments regarding Holden’s reaction to Phoebe reaching for the gold ring, “However Holden’s admission to the visitor that has to enable kids to ‘reach for the ring’ regardless of a possible fall indicates, possibly, that he is beginning to come to terms with the ephemeral and dynamic nature of human presence” (Pettineo n. pag. ).

Holden starts to comprehend that no one can stop a youngster from dropping from innocence, just as they can not quit the child from diminishing the carousel. Holden understands that he can not be the catcher in the rye and that he will certainly not constantly exist to protect Phoebe’s virtue. When it starts to drizzle at the slide carousel, Phoebe is covered by the slide carousel while Holden is saturated by the rain. The rainfall may be a symbol for a clean slate for Holden, as his immaturity and innocence is figuratively gotten rid of.

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Phoebe is under cover to show that her innocence is not yet being removed. Sandra Lott states concerning Holden and a personality from another novel, “At the end of both works, both young adults need to tentatively begin the process of coming of age by giving up a few of their desires about their own messianic functions as well as by starting to accept the inescapable imperfections, also corruption as well as brutality, of the globes they live in” (Lott n. pag. ). Holden takes his first steps in the direction of the adult years by the end of the book.

As he welcomes the rainfall, he begins to approve the grown-up society around him. He is no longer the catcher in the rye, but he pertains to terms keeping that. On the whole, Holden experiences a maturing, which shows that he quickly may have the ability to totally approve the adult globe. By Holden transforming at the end of the story, possibly Salinger is proposing that at some point every person has to pertain to terms with globe around them, also if they have a tough time fitting into it.

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