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It’s Okay to Let Go. “Particular points, they ought to stay the means they are. You should certainly have the ability to stick them in among those large glass situations and also just leave them alone” (113 ). The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger occurs in Pennsylvania and New York City throughout a vacation in the late 1940s or very early 1950s. Holden Caulfield, the primary personality, deals with several concerns and also problems throughout the novel. Like lots of teens, among his problems is approving the truth that he will soon end up being a grown-up and also will have to leave many behaviors that would certainly be thought about juvenile. His ain battle is holding on to his childhood years, which almost triggers him to lose his mind as well as has a major function in this book’s plot. In some parts of the unique, Holden shares his need to mature, while in others he shows childish features. For instance in chapter nine he speaks about being a “sex lunatic” (Salinger, 57), yet later on states, “Sex is something I really do not comprehend as well hot” (58 ). He also attempts to engage and also converse with adults in “grown-up” discussions, but comes across as being immature. For example, in his discussion with Carl Luce, he attempts to ask fully grown questions bout Luce’s individual life and also rather frustrates Luce and acts like a teenager that needs to grow up. The situation is the same with several teens, they can not wait to grow up, but have trouble readjusting. Throughout the teenaged years one is meant to expand as an individual as well as discover one’s real calling, which is less complicated said than done. The task can be frustrating and overwhelming. In the book Holden is bewildered by his experiences and as the unique advances, his wellness starts to wear away because he is emotionally not really prepared to deal with the grown-up globe. Initially as well as end of the novel Holden hints that he remains in some kind of ehabilitation residence. In the end of the unique he specifies, “I could probably tell you what I did after I went home, as well as just how I got sick and also all, and also what institution I’m intended to visit next autumn, after I Carrete 3 leave below, however I don’t feel like it” (195 ). The reader can inform that he is not crazy, but that he is not mentally secure either. As mentioned over, he has a problem with growing up, which he never ever discovers to take care of. As his troubles grow, they begin to affect his psychological wellness. He doesn’t appear to think his concepts with as well as he makes unreasonable choices, which are indications of immaturity as well as irresponsibility.

He allows his problems to take control over him and impact his wellness and also emotions. His extreme cigarette smoking as well as alcohol consumption might likewise be signs of clinical depression. Throughout The Catcher in the Rye Holden is always declaring that he is clinically depressed which can be another reason why his health decreases so rapidly. He even connects his depression with not having the ability to think, “When you’re feeling very depressed, you can’t also assume” (85 ). Having to inform his parents that he was kicked out of yet one more school seemed frightening to Holden as well as his activities can have likewise been done to shut out, in a way, all of his blunders so he might quit orrying regarding them. Lots of people are able to connect to The Catcher in the Rye considering that the story is a coming-of- age book: It reasonably portrays the battles of growing up and managing change. Growing up consists of responsibility, misfortune, as well as maturation together with other worths. On the other hand, as a child one is care-free as well as life is less complex, extra pleasurable, as well as, in general, simpler. Holden appears to recognize the distinction between childhood years and also adulthood. As teenagers, several feelings are connected to growing up. One such sensation might be of unpredictability due to the fact that it is something brand-new and one does not recognize what exists in advance.

Throughout the unique, Holden appears to believe that childhood years is much better because it is very easy. He recognizes the fact that he needs to grow up, however never approves it. In conclusion, every person struggles with maturing, yet growing is an obstacle that needs to be overcome. Ending up being an adult can either be valuable or it can be hazardous, as in Holden’s Carrete 3 case, but it just depends the means this time period is dealt with. Holden’s have problem with hanging on to his childhood years was harmful to his health and wellness, but was a large payment to the job as a whole. It’s okay to let go, you simply need to understand when is the correct time.

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