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Catcher in the Rye – Main Characters


Catcher in the Rye– Key Characters

Key Personalities: · Holden Caulfield- he’s in a prep school called Pency. He is 16 as he inform the story, however is 17 telling the tale.

He obtains rejected since he failing in every course besides English course, which he’s very good in. · Phoebe Caulfield- Holden one decade old sibling. Holden cares a whole lot regarding her as well as talks about her with out components in the tale. She is truly wise and also mature for her age. · Allie Caulfield- Holden more youthful brother. Allie passed away from leukemia. Holden likewise appreciated him.

He keeps in mind memories of Allie via out guide. · D.B. Caulfield- Holden’s older brother. He is a book author. He’s in Hollywood writing a film in Hollywood. Holden likewise speaks about him in via out guide.

· Mr. Spencer- Holden favored instructor in Pency Preparatory College. · Mr. Antolini- One of his preferred instructors likewise. · Jane Gallagher- among Holden’s childhood buddies. He truly likes her and thinks about calling her up, yet never does. · Sally Hayes- One of Holden’s ex- partners.

Mosts likely to the movies with her in the story.Complete Settings: · The tale happens in New York. It never ever really states when it takes, but it states Holden’s sibling died in 1946 which had not been that lengthy back from where the story takes place.Major Plot Point: · When Holden gets told that he’s obtaining kicked out of Pency Preparatory Institution. · When Holden gets in a battle with his roomie at Pency. That’s when he leaves earlier than he was intending to as well as starts his trip in New York. · When he stays at a lousy hotel for a couple of days.

While remaining at that resort, he gets for a woman of the street. He changes his mind as well as pays her 5 bucks anyhow. The prostitute tells him it’s 10 dollars although it’s only 5. So she goes and gets her employer and they demand 10 bucks. Holden rejects, so they take 10 dollars out of his pocketbook. After that the girl employer punches Holden then leaves. · Holden calls his old sweetheart to head to the films with him.

When the motion pictures over, they go ice-skating. While there Holden asks Sally, that’s her name, to relocate away with him and obtain wed. She rejects and begins chewing out her. She angers as well as leaves. · Holden determines to move away so he goes house to see Phoebe before he leaves. Phoebe figures out he go rejected of college. She lends Holden some money.

· Holden goes to see his old teacher Mr. Antolini. Mr. Antolini offers him a speaking with. Holden rests there, yet leaves when he finds Mr. Antolini petting his head while he was sleeping. · Holden meets Phoebe at a museum to return her cash.

She satisfies him with a bag and claims she wants to opt for him. He says no as well as she angers at him so he takes her to a zoo. · While Phoebe’s riding a slide carousel, Holden understands that if a kid falls down, they fall down. It’s bad if you assist them.Climax: · One of the most exciting part in the story is when Holden recognizes he wishes to move to a cabin in the timbers and also invites Sally Hayes to come cope with him.Conflict: · Holden has an interior problem. His internal conflict is him attempting to figure himself out, see what he should finish with his life, and also see what remains in shop for himResolution: · The problem was solved when he saw Phoebe on the slide carousel and understood if you mess up, you ruin as well as nobody can aid you up due to the fact that it poor since they begin to count on you.

My Opinion: · I thought the tale was type of dispiriting since he was always clinically depressed saying he was depressed as well as you might tell he truly didn’t truly know what to do with his life. That component additionally made it unfortunate. · I suggest reading this publication despite the fact that it’s depressing since it is still an excellent book.

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