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Catcher in the Rye Outline Main Theme


Catcher in the Rye Summary Key Style

Catcher Main Style– Alienation INTRODUCTORY: Topic Sentence: Holden Caufield, the misfit, sanctimonious boy in J. D. Salinger’s novel, The Catcher in the Rye, sees the globe from a various view, that many times make him really feel incredibly misinterpreted by every person he speaks to. Thesis Statement: It is evident by his many actions throughout the story that Holden sees the phoniness and fakeness of the grown-up world and as a result guards himself from it by pushing away and also isolating himself. PARAGRAPH 1:

Topic Sentence: The very first circumstances of Holden isolating himself is when he is viewing the football game from the hill as opposed to from the stands with other individuals. Quotes: Anyhow, it was the Saturday of the football video game. I bear in mind around 3 o’clock that mid-day I was standing way the heck up on top of Thomsen Hillside. You could see the entire area from there, and you might see the two groups bashing each other all over the place. You can hear them all yelling. (Chapter 1 paragraph 3) Talking Points: He is above engaging with people

He likes seeing people, not chatting PARAGRAPH 2: Topic Sentence: A second instance of Holden’s seclusion goes to Penn Terminal where he goes into the phone cubicle, however realizes there is no one to call. Quotes: The first point I did when I got off at Penn Terminal, I entered into this phone cubicle. I felt like providing someone a buzz yet as soon as I was within, I couldn’t think about anyone to phone. My brother D. B. remained in Hollywood. My kid sibling Phoebe was out. After that I thought about giving Jane Gallagher’s mom a buzz. Then I thought about calling this girl Sally Hayes.

I considered calling Carl Luce. So I wound up not calling anybody. I appeared of the cubicle, after about twenty mins approximately. (Chapter 9 paragraph 1) Speaking Points: His hesitation is an outcome of a judgment on others PARAGRAPH 3: Topic Sentence: Third and also lastly, Holden lives vicariously with other people as a method to battle his isolation. Quotes: Yet there was one great thing. This family that you might tell just appeared of some church were walking right in front of me– a daddy, a mother, as well as a youngster regarding 6 years of ages.

They looked kind of poor. The child was swell. He was pretending he was walking an extremely straight line, the means children do, as well as during he kept vocal singing and also humming. It made me really feel much better. It made me really feel not so depressed any longer. (Chapter 16 paragraph 3) Speaking Points: Combating isolation by monitoring CLOSER: Subject Sentence: Holden deals with the troubles of not liking the world by simply isolating himself from it. Talking Points: Misunderstood causes irritation Way to cope with his sensations

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