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Catcher in the Rye Recurring Theme : Lying


Catcher in the Rye Recurring Motif: Existing

Lying is a recurring motif in the unique The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger that straight associates to the personality Holden Caulfield. Existing is an escape for Holden that makes him really feel far better concerning himself, to make sure that means he does not have to deal with problems he are faced with, therefore separating himself. This can be seen in chapter 3 when he is leaving from a go to with his instructor, ‘Old Spencer’. He informs the visitor, “I’m one of the most great liar you ever before saw in your life. It’s awful.

If I’m on my way to the store to acquire a magazine, also, as well as someone asks me where I’m going, I’m reliant claim I’m mosting likely to the opera. It’s dreadful”(Page 9). Now in the novel, Holden gets on his back to his dormitory after informing his teacher a lie, which is that he is on his means to the gym. This is considerable the novel due to the fact that it demonstrates how he is comprising this lie is so that he can escape the reality his instructor is attempting to make him deal with. In the future, Holden makes a decision that he intends to leave Pencey, and also he faces the mother of Ernest Morrow, a kid that goes to his college.

He informs Ernest’s mother, “It isn’t very serious. I have this tiny little lump on the brain” (Page 32). Now in the novel, Holden is on a train going to a hotel in New York and also is lying to Ernest’s mom by claiming that he is going home as a result of an operation he needs to have done. This additionally is significant to the motif because Holden is attempting to make Ernest’s mommy really feel bad concerning his scenario by existing, that makes Holden feel far better concerning himself. After Holden lies, he takes place to inform the viewers, “After that I began reviewing this schedule I had in my pocket.

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Just to stop existing. When I get started, I can go on for hours if I seem like it. No kidding. Hours” (Web Page 58). Holden just informed a very serious lie to Earnest’s mom, and also Justifies why Holden exist to Spencer to leave from individuals asking him concerns as well as more inquiries, hence, intending to get far from them without offending them. Lying is a means of being isolated as well as Holden wants that. Holden lies throughout the unique to obtain away from society. Holden’s troubles in the real world were too much for him, he had to compose points to make himself appear better than what he was 2)

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