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Catcher in the Rye: Symbolism Flashcards


Catcher in the Rye: Importance Flashcards

Holden’s hat
motif-vulnerability, isolation, looking for protection, nonconformity, “hunting” for something
MOTIF-permanence, protecting the past, childhood years innocence, nostalgia,
Allie’s glove
SYMBOL-innocence, purity
“Little Shirly Beans” document
SYMBOL-innocence and pureness, to reinforce phoebe’s “immaturity”, singer isn’t counterfeit
Pencey Preparation
SYMBOL-phoniness, getting away fact
erasing blasphemy
SYMBOL-preserving childhood years virtue
SYMBOL-permanence, protecting the past
central park
MOTIF-childhood innocence, purity amidst very corrupt city, escape fact, fond memories, durability
unmade telephone call
MOTIF-failed link, seclusion, running away truth
ducks in the park
MOTIF-discomfort with uncertainty, uncertainty concerning the after life, cycle
slide carousel
SYMBOL-cycles, childhood years innocence
showed him sex-related knowledge
Sally Hayes
overview back right into darkness
Carl Luce
shows holden the light (lucid), theorists, really clear, most likely to treatment, Holden!
god of the sun
Mr. Antolini
locate something you lost
James Castle
jesus christ, self-destruction
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