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Catcher in the Rye Synthesis Essay Essay


Catcher in the Rye Synthesis Essay Essay

Holden challenges many concerns throughout Catcher in the Rye that still posture a job to teenagers: such as the demand to win. the need for pleasant relationship. and the need to maturate. These concerns are mostly forced upon an adolescent by a more important figure with higher expectations in comparing to themselves.

Although some may see these as a eustress. they trigger distress to lots of teenagers. as well as society still supports such criterions. The demand to win was forced upon Holden by his parents when they set really high overviews and also employed him secretive schools. Holden did non like this pressure each location and rebelled: “Suddenly. I decided what I ‘d genuinely do. I would certainly obtain the serpent pit out of Pencey– right that same dark as well as all” (Web Page 51 ). This confirmed that the need to win was a signifier of pain in Holden’s clip because he decided to load his bags as well as merely go forth Pencey. In add-on. moms and dads in Holden’s clip did non comprehend that this concern caused emphasis to adolescents.

In a write-up written by William Zinsser. kids ask their moms and dads. “Yet suppose we fail?” (Zinsser ). The parents respond. “Don’t” (Zinsser ). The short article shows how unmindful moms and dads might be to the emphasis they were doing to their ain youngsters. Yet what type of emphasis and also to what level is it a stress factor today? Today. the need to win can do eustress when used in moderateness and also in a positive mode. For illustration. my moms and dads take me bent on dinner any place I pick if I finish a six hebdomad ranking period with all A’s. To this twenty-four hrs. the demand to win is truly much alive. but it has taken on a brand-new signifier contrasted to recommend in Holden’s clip.

The wish for friendly connection was compelled upon Holden by himself. He ever before tried to do a buddy any place he went. Holden also stooped so low as to engage a cocotte and ends up simply talking to her. “I don’t recognize. Nothing particular. I simply believed perhaps you might like eat the fat for some time” (Web Page 95 ). This showed Holden’s true desire for pleasant relationship due to the fact that. without the cocotte. he has no 1 else to speak to.

Even offers. the need for pleasant partnership is really much noticeable amongst teens. For image. when my friend Moe relocated to Buffalo Grove from Texas in 7th course. he really did not really fit in initially. Subsequently. he started to do pals and now he has lots of pals. as a lot of teenagers do. Therefore. the desire for pleasant relationship has gone truly much the same since Holden’s clip in comparing to today.

The demand to maturate was compelled upon Holden by the culture in which he lived. “I bought a Scotch and salt carbonate. and told him non to blend it– I said it quickly as serpent pit. due to the fact that if you hem and haw. they believe you’re under 21 and also will not market you any type of gladdening liquor” (Web page 69 ). Throughout the whole story. Holden attempted to relocate more mature in order to match in with the grownups around him throughout his clip period. He smokes. drinks. as well as bents around loose adult ladies.

Holden’s despair to fit in with the grownup cosmos around him is suggested when he goes to the barroom and orders a beverage which normally. simply grownups do. In add-on. teenagers in Holden’s clip were anticipated by the culture in which they stayed in to deal with concerns that merely grownups generally need to face. “Teens currently are anticipated to encounter life as well as its obstacles with the their adult years one-time expected just of the middle-aged. with no clip for prep work” (Elkind ).

The short article. by David Elkind. adds to the fact that teenagers in Holden’s clip were anticipated to maturate at a much more increasing price. Nowadays. that overview is still a lots to teens. For picture. teens today see numerous famous persons. such as Miley Cyrus. quickly changing from their inexperienced person. childish ways to moving matured and creating an elegant. grownup individuality. For that reason. it is secure to presume that the demand to maturate has actually gone instead unmodified from Holden’s clip to this twenty-four hours.

The demand to win is still a force per unit location that lots of teens face. yet it is more of an excellent focus today compared to Holden’s clip when it was an adverse focus. The need for friendly partnership is merely as noticeable today is it was back in Holden’s clip because every bit long as there will certainly be people. they will certainly ever before necessitate some signifier of firm. Last. the need to maturate is just equally required by society today as it remained in Holden’s clip because teenagers were anticipated to take on more grownup functions both so and now. Adolescents had established expectations to run into back in Holden’s date and also many of these overviews have gone unchanged given that so.

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