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Catcher in the Rye Theme Essay


Catcher in the Rye Motif Essay

11/25/12 The Catcher in the Rye Style Essay The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger is a novel regarding the life of a distressed teenage young boy called Holden Caulfield. He believes that he’s surrounded by phonies. As a result, Holden invests a few days in a New York resort in the search of something real in his life. Nevertheless, he fails to locate anything else yet solitude, dissatisfaction and also phoniness. There are several styles to this novel, yet in my viewpoint the 3 primary themes are loss of virtue, taking care of death and also lack of communication. These motifs describe why Holden’s life is just how it is.

The loss of innocence is brought on by the atmosphere one is surrounded by and also growing up to be an adult. When Holden strolled over to the gallery of natural history, he remembered the moment he went there during institution. He checks out the distinction in between virtue and youth. “The very best point, however, because gallery was that everything always stayed right where it was. Nobody would certainly relocate. You can go there a hundred thousand times, which Eskimo would certainly still be simply finished capturing those two fish … Nobody ‘d be different. The only point that would certainly be different would certainly be you.

Not that you ‘d be a lot older or anything. It wouldn’t be that specifically. You would certainly just be different, that’s all.” (Salinger 121) Holden makes the point that in a museum nothing would certainly alter, however as youngsters mature they lose their virtue as well as join the grown-up globe. Additionally, Holden likes to hang out with his sis Phoebe because she comprehends him very well. Nonetheless, investing a lot of time with Holden changes Phoebe’s mindset. This is seen when their mommy returns and also she enters into Phoebe’s room because she saw the lights flicker on and also off. “‘Phoebe, have you been smoking a cigarette in below?

Inform me the reality, please, young lady.’ ‘What?’ old Phoebe stated. ‘You heard me.’ ‘I just lit for one secondly. I just took one smoke. After that I tossed it out the window.’ … ‘Well. Go to rest currently. Just how was your dinner?’ ‘Lousy,’ Phoebe said. ‘You heard what your dad claimed concerning utilizing that word.” (Salinger 177) Phoebe was existing to her mother and talked back in a rude tone. This shows the influence that Holden had on her. In addition, Holden does not desire kids to mature since he really feels that the grown-up globe is corrupt and also packed with phonies.

This is seen when Holden attempts to erase the curse words off the wall of Phoebe’s college. “While I was sitting down, I saw something that drove me crazy. Someone would certainly created ‘Fuck you’ on the wall. It drove me damn near insane. I thought just how Phoebe as well as all the various other youngsters would see it, as well as how they would certainly question what the hell it implied, and after that lastly some unclean child would inform them- all cockeyed, normally- what it indicated, and how they ‘d all consider it and also perhaps even worry about it for a couple of days. I maintained intending to kill whoever ‘d composed it. (Salinger 201) This demonstrates how much Holden appreciates the virtue of little kids and also doesn’t desire it to be lost due to the fact that then you grow up much faster. Taking care of fatality is extremely difficult, especially when there’s no closure. Holden loved his sibling Allie very much and he presents several sensations that reveal that he really took care of Allie. This is seen when he tells us exactly how he responded to Allie’s fatality. “I was only thirteen, and they were mosting likely to have me psychoanalyzed as well as all, due to the fact that I broke all the windows in the garage. I do not blame them. I really don’t.

I oversleeped the garage the night he passed away, as well as I broke all the goddam windows with my fist, just for the heck of it.” (Salinger 39) This shows that Holden was truly clinically depressed and didn’t recognize how else to reveal his temper as well as aggression. Furthermore, Holden later then informs us that he never ever went to Allie’s funeral service because he was at the hospital after injuring his hand. “I had not been there. I was still in the hospital. I had to go to the medical facility and all after I injure my hand. Anyhow, I maintained stressing that I was getting pneumonia, with all those hunks of ice in my hair, which I was mosting likely to die. Then I thought about the entire bunch them sticking me in a goddam cemetery and also all, with my name on this gravestone and all.” (Salinger 155) This reveals that he never got to say goodbye to his bro and also consequently it’s difficult to not live in the past. In addition, currently he thinks about himself passing away as well as just how people would react. Given that he never ever got closure from Allie, he talks with Allie and believes that Allie is right there with him. “Each time I came to the end of a block as well as stepped off the goddam curb, I had this feeling that I would certainly never reach the opposite of the road … After that I began doing another thing.

Whenever I ‘d get to completion of a block I would certainly make believe I was speaking to my bro Allie. I ‘d claim to him, ‘Allie, do not let me go away. Allie, don’t let me vanish. Allie, don’t allow me vanish. Please, Allie.’ And after that when I ‘d reach the other side of the street without vanishing, I ‘d thank him.” (Salinger 198) This shows us just how much his desire to talk to Allie maintains boosting which he simply does not wish to let go of Allie. Additionally, it verifies that not biding farewell to Allie makes him live in the past.

Throughout the unique, Holden discovers trouble with successfully connecting with others as a result of his absence of interaction that makes discussions hard for him. Holden prefers to not communicate unless he is compelled to. This is seen when Spencer asks if he has actually spoken with his parents yet. “‘Have you on your own connected with them?’ ‘No, sir, I haven’t connected with them, due to the fact that I’ll possibly see them Wednesday evening when I get home.” (Salinger 9) This reveals that he is going to wait up until he is required to connect with his parents. He will not act himself and also speak to them right away.

Additionally, Holden comes up with crazy suggestions to be able to communicate with somebody. “I started dabbling the suggestion, while I kept standing there, of providing old Jane a buzz– I indicate calling her long distance at B. M., where she went, rather of calling up her mom to discover when she was returning. You weren’t meant to call pupils up late in the evening, yet I had everything figured out. I was mosting likely to tell whoever answered the phone that I was her uncle. I was mosting likely to say her aunt had simply obtained eliminated in an auto mishap as well as I needed to speak to her promptly. It would’ve functioned, also.

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The only factor I didn’t do it was due to the fact that I wasn’t in the state of mind. If you’re not in the state of mind, you can not do that things right.” (Salinger 63) This reveals Holden’s immaturity with communication because he says that he has to be in the state of mind to communicate with people often. If he was mature, he would have the ability to hold a conversation at any moment. In addition, given that Holden does not have much experience in communication, he occasionally says points at the wrong time. “‘Just how’s your sex life?’ I asked him. He hated you to ask him pack like that. ‘Kick back,’ he stated. ‘Just relax and loosen up, for Chrissake. (Salinger 144) This demonstrates how Holden’s absence of interaction with others influences him when he does choose to connect. He starts a discussion with a very personal question, which reveals us that he doesn’t understand just how to hold a basic small talk conversation. To conclude, The Catcher in the Rye has many styles which can all be sustained. However, in my opinion the three primary styles are loss of virtue, managing fatality as well as lack of interaction. All 3 themes explain to us why Holden’s life has plenty of solitude, dissatisfaction, as well as phoniness. What do you think are the 3 major motifs?

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