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Catcher in the Rye: Vocabulary List


Catcher in the Rye: Vocabulary Checklist

Modest (84 )
not proud or egotistic; small
Loose (90 )
coolly unconcerned, detached, or unexcited; laid-back
Passionate (92 )
expressing, revealing, or noted by intense or solid sensation; psychological
Suave (93 )
smoothly reasonable or respectful
Recuperating (97 )
to recoup from health issues or fatigue; regain health or strength
Scraggy (103 )
lean or slim; scrawny
Inability (108 )
lower in terminal, ranking, level, condition, high quality or grade
Bourgeois (108 )
conventional; coming from, characteristic of, or consisting of the middle class
Trendy (114 )
sophisticated; costly as well as showy; elegant
Mutiny (120 )
rebellion or disobedience versus made up authority, specifically by seafarers against their police officers
Scratchy (123 )
extreme; grating
Alternative (125 )
an option limited to a couple of or even more possibilities, since points, proposals, or courses of action, the selection of which prevents any other opportunity
Bunk (125 )
humbug; rubbish
Blasé (126 )
uncaring to or tired with life; unimpressed, as or as if from an excess of life pleasures
Accuracy (137 )
the state or high quality of being precise; precision; exactness
Sacrilegious (137 )
concerning or including sacrilege, which is the violation or profanation of anything sacred or had sacred
Sophisticated (141 )
pleasing or satisfying to the tastes of sophisticates
Abominable (142 )
such as to cause ridicule, disgust, loathing, etc.
. Inane (146 )
doing not have sense, relevance, or suggestions
Extensive (149 )
far-ranging; comprehensive; thorough
Lively (150 )
rough as well as loud; noisily jolly or rowdy; clamorous; unrestrained
Caring (161 )
revealing, showing, or identified by affection or love; lovingly tender
Asphyxiate (163 )
to eliminate by avoiding the gain access to of air to the blood via the lungs or analogous body organs, as gills; strangle
Fraternity (167 )
a regional or national organization of male pupils, largely for social functions, generally with secret initiation and also ceremonies
Incognito (168 )
having one’s identification hid, as under an assumed name, specifically to avoid notice or formal interests
Cockeyed (169 )
turned, tilted, or slanted to one side
Digression (183 )
the act of swerving, which is to depart or wander away from the main subject or function in speaking or composing; depart from the primary line of disagreement, plot, research
Instructional (184 )
of or relating to a pedagogue or pedagogy, which is the feature or job of an educator; training
Intriguing (184 )
often tending or serving to prompt; inciting, boosting, annoying, or annoying
Influenced (213 )
thought artificially; unnatural; assuming or acting to have that which is not all-natural
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