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Category: Lord of the Flies

Jack’s monologue Oh god, what have I done? Simon, Piggy, it’s completely my fault. I can’t reveal what I feel, the discomfort, it’s overmastering and mind numbing. Ralph if only you could comprehend the grief that I am going through, in-fact perhaps you do? Perhaps you’re hurting far more than me. Their deaths will get […]
<a Ralph The protagonist of the story, Ralph is one of the oldest young boys on the island. He quickly becomes the group’s leader. Golding explains Ralph as high for his age and good-looking, and he commands the other kids with a natural sense of authority. Although he lacks Piggy’s overt intelligence, Ralph is calm […]
John Quincy Adams when said “Always base on your principle, even if you stand alone”. The two books To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and Lord of the Flies by William Golding, can considerably connect to this quote. The characters that are represented in both novels can really connect to one another in terms […]
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