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Character Traits on Scout in to Kill a Mockingbird


Character Characteristics on Scout in to Kill a Mockingbird

Thesis Statement:Principal character qualities of Scout and how they are revealed through the novel.

Table Of Contents

  • Introduction: What are Scount’s primary traits and how they are shown in the text
  • How is Scout’s intelligence revealed– analysis of quotes
  • Why is innocence a crucial theme in the unique
  • How the character’s curiosity drives the plot
  • Conclusion: How the main character’s qualities help to make the novel more intriguing and plausible
  • Referrals

Scout’s character in “To Kill a Mockingbird” shows many excellent qualities such as intelligence, innocence, and interest. Each of these characteristics is revealed through action, through the occasions of the novel, as Scout informs the story, rather than being self-described by Scout or explained about her by other characters.

How is Scout’s intelligence shown– analysis of quotes

Scout’s intelligence is indicated sometimes sin the book, an example is when she begins second grade she thinks “The second grade was as bad as the first, just even worse– they still flashed cards at you and would not let you check out or compose.” (Lee, 1960 p. 62). Scout wants to really discover helpful skills and she leads the class. Scrapbook signs for Scout’s intelligence would be the schoolhouse, books, and Atticus’ reading glasses.

Innocence style

Innocence is a crucial problem in “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Scout is sometimes confused by the habits around her and grownups try to protect her from truths. Her innocence is challenged in the book but not lost, simply as is Boo Radley’s. When Scout go back to the Radley Place late in the unique and rather than being scared she thinks: “The Radley Location had actually ceased to frighten me, but it was no less gloomy, no less chilly” (Lee, 1960 p. 244).

The location has actually not altered, but Scout has actually altered. She is braver than she was before and more educated but she is not scared or bitter. Scrapbook signs for innocence would be: the Mockingbird and the court house.

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How the character’s curiosity drives the plot

Scout’s interest is symbolized in the scrapbook by the Treehouse, the Radley Location, and the county jail. Were it not for Scout’s intense interest, there would be no story of “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Her interest helps her go with Jem to the Radley place in the first part of the book. “With that I had no choice but to join them.” (Lee, 1960 p. 56). Scout would like to know about whatever which makes it possible for the details of the story to be told.

How the primary character’s traits help to make the unique more fascinating and possible

“To Kill a Mockingbird” uses a very complete and satisfying representation of a young, smart, curious lady– Scout– whose experiences are as much a part of her own character and vivid imagination and storytelling abilities as they belong of external reality. The character characteristics of intelligence, innocence, and interest that belong to Scout in the novel assistance to make the novel appear believable, alive, and suspenseful.


Lee, Harper (1960 ). To Eliminate a Mockingbird. Warner Books.

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