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Christian Theology in A Good Man is Hard to Find Essay


“An Excellent Guy is Difficult to Discover” by Flannery O’Conner shows the Christian belief that even the most unlikely of people can be receivers of God’s grace. The granny and the Misfit, both “bad” in their own ways, are each unlikely and undeserving receivers of grace. According to Christian theology, human beings are approved salvation through God’s grace, which can be bestowed upon to even the most not likely.

The grandma’s and the Misfit’s values they live by that impact their actions, decisions and perceptions.

The term “moral” does not necessarily suggest great, but is simply the way people pick to live their lives. Initially it seems as if it is the Misfit who does not have assistance as he constantly murders people. It is the granny whose values is weak and inconsistent. She has developed her morals exclusively on what she thinks make people “good.” She pays a fantastic quantity of attention in being a girl, consistently tricks her family, and lacks a clear perspective on the world around her.

She boasts about her love for Christianity, but does not appear to be able to hope when she finds herself in crisis. She even begins to question the power and divinity of Jesus. It is clear the grandmother is not genuine and knowledgeable about her actions. The Misfit has a strong and consistent moral code. The Misfit thinks that the punishments he received from his experience of being a founded guilty lawbreaker were always disproportional to his criminal activity, and the criminal offense does not even matter at the end.

He likewise shows a genuine curiosity about faith. The granny accepts faith unquestioningly while the Misfit obstacles these beliefs and thinks deeply on how he needs to follow them or not. The Misfit has actually chosen to live under his presumption that religious beliefs is pointless and chooses his own belief “No enjoyment however meanness.” (O’Conner 941). The Misfit just wants he existed to see Jesus increase from the dead so he might know the events were accurate. It is obvious the grandmother in “A Great Man is Hard to Find” lies to her grandchildren, controls her child, and makes numerous remarks regarding why the previous times have supremacy to the present. She believes she is ethically superior to those younger than her. She also believes she deserves to evaluate the goodness of others and tell them how to live their lives. The grandma seems rather oblivious to truth as she heads the family to someplace totally various than where she thought they were. The terrible wreck was all due to the granny’s lack of knowledge. Towards the last moments of her life, she advises the Misfit to pray, despite the reality she lacks the genuine qualities herself essential to form a prayer. As she grows scared of what will occur to her, she concurs with the Misfit and changes her mind about Jesus rising from the dead.

Her doing so shows she is puzzled and unsure of her beliefs making her a very unlikely recipient of grace. The Misfit is an unrepentant murderer who finds no pleasure in anything however meanness. He reveals no regret for his actions. The Misfit knew Jesus being crucified, but felt that he would have had to see it to think it for sure. Both characters show regular sins and eventually are each undeserving recipients of grace. Even individuals like the granny and the Misfit have potential to be conserved by God, according to Christian Theology. The grandmother experiences a minute of grace after the Misfit’s desire to know for sure what Jesus did and didn’t do. Her head clears momentarily and she states “Why you are among my children. You’re one of my own children!” (O’Conner 948). This recommends that the grandmother is understanding that they both are of the same kind. Given the scenarios, her comment appears pretty crazy, however this is the grandmother’s clearest minute in the story. She reveals empathy which indicates that God has approved her grace right before she is shot by the Misfit.

The Misfit too, is open to grace at this minute. He declares previously in the story there was “no enjoyment however meanness” in life, and now rejects there is any enjoyment in life at all after killing the granny. All his killings have actually stopped offering him joy, recommending that he, too, might foster the possibility to change. “A Good Man is Hard to Find” has a strong, rather severe representation of religious beliefs. The characters in this story are both awakened and their faith is altered. The Christian concept of minutes of grace in this story apply to real life. It is believed among numerous Christian followers that God’s grace is really effective, unlike any other human might give to another. The majority of people misunderstand this and think that blessings are approved upon those who do good works and penalties through bad works.

Using grace has nothing to do with any type of works, which is where the majority of people are incorrect. Rather, the concept to the Christian theology of grace is recognized in the bible by Solomon. He said it is vain to evaluate God on matters of great or bad works. God can certainly do as he pleases and His ways are opposite of man’s ways. Solomon states: “There is vanity that is done under the earth; that there be just guys, unto whom it occurs according to the work of the wicked; once again, there be wicked guys, to whom it occurs according to the work of the righteous: I stated that this is also vanity.” (Ecclesiastes 5:14)

This quote suggests that despite the actions one might do, it is up to the grace of God that identifies what that individual should have or does not deserve. Using grace is all part of God’s prepare for people. No matter the number of men evaluate an individual, it is only God’s judgment that identifies who gets grace. The granny and Misfit have been awarded the favorable aspects of grace, which is not depending on works of any kind. According to Christian theology, people are commanded to be righteous and not evil. It says in the bible that God loves his creations so extremely he gave his only son to crave all human sins, which was a big enigma for the Misfit. If just he had known for sure maybe he would have never dedicated the unethical criminal activities he did. If the Misfit would have only known that according to Christian theology, all humans are predestined by God’s divine grace no matter what deeds that have been done in the world, he would have made better choices. If only the grandmother had been shot every day all of her life, according to the Misfit, would she have been a better woman.

When thinking about Christian theology, one would concur it simply refers to religion and God. Theology is the research study of faith, and God’s relation to the world. Theology is based upon the Old and New Testament in the Bible, in addition to historical traditions practiced by Christians. It has actually been practiced for thousands of years. Individuals have actually always tried to make justifications to argue, take a look at, clarify, safeguard or promote Christianity. The Misfit seems to understand most aspects when it concerns the Christian religious beliefs, as he discusses all of Christ’s operate in the story. The way he saw Christian beliefs was all a result on how he lived his life. “Our ideas about the divine inform our lives more deeply than many people can trace. Whether God is considered as distant or near, as gracious or capricious, as worried or apathetic, the conclusions we reach– whether the outcome of careful reflection or irresponsible presumptions– guide our lives.” (Kapic 1) The method individuals live their lives depends upon an individuals’ belief about faith and the method God associates with the world. It is the beliefs individuals choose to accept that eventually guides daily lives.

Whether people pick to accept or deny that there is a God, it is all based upon specific experiences and beliefs. The granny appeared to have actually believed she understood all about Christianity, however judging by her actions, it is clear she did not really live righteously. There is no accurate evidence that Jesus is real, however lots of have come to receive grace in their last moments, as shown in “A Great Man.” Followers of Christian faith are considered to be hypocritical and this stereotype fits the grandmother’s character in “A Good Man Is Hard to Discover.” Much like the grandma and Misfit in the story, it is grace that allowed them to come to Christ best regards.

The final lines in the story depict both the granny’s and Misfit’s awareness as if they have received responses to all questions about life. “A Great Man is Tough to Find” shows the Christian theology of grace. The grace of God is a present, and if happy to accept it, even when undeserving, human beings can be given salvation like the grandmother was. The grace of God has been shown not to bestow upon the simple type of actions, but onto ones who are open to Christ, according to “A Good Guy Is Hard To Find.”

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