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Civil Disobedience and Antigone Essay


Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech concentrates on the value of flexibility as well as league in a nation and is intended to rally Americans to demonstrate their rage at the injustices of segregation and bigotry with “innovative objection.” While King’s passion as well as anger at the status quo is evident in the text, he especially specifies that they “should not allow [their] [protest] to degenerate into physical violence.” He is promoting defiance versus the government. Antigone exhibits the same sort of defiance when she goes against Creon’s regulation as well as completes her sibling’s funeral ceremonies.

Antigone, like Martin Luther King Jr., was faced with contrasting commitments; the obligation of a person to adhere to the legislation, and also personal commitment to combat what one really feels is incorrect.

A motif shows up in both texts that a person’s precepts are more vital than the unwritten law. Antigone sacrificed her life to finish what she really felt required to be completed based upon her religions. King devoted his life to obtaining flexibility for black individuals in America and was ultimately eliminated wherefore he counted on, connecting both. If Sophocles as well as Martin Luther King Jr. were to have a discussion, the two would most definitely settle on some points. Both would certainly agree that a person need to follow their heart and deal with things they feel need to be altered. They would certainly agree that one must not stand idly by as injustice occurs, such as segregation or the body of one’s bro entrusted to rot in the air. While Antigone is not a central figure in a civil liberties movement, she does exhibit civil disobedience, connecting the “I Have a Desire” speech as well as Antigone.

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