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Comparing Odysseus and Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton Film)


Comparing Odysseus as well as Alice in Paradise (Tim Burton Film)

Odysseus in Heaven The tale of Alice in Paradise and also the story of The Odyssey share comparable characteristics. Most individuals would argue that the tale of Odysseus trying to obtain house as well as the tale of Alice dealing with against a fearful beast do not share comparable plots. Nevertheless, Alice and Odysseus both fight versus bad forces and both lead characters identical each other as well. When reading the epic as well as viewing the movie, Homer as well as Tim Burton make use of similar personalities as well as scenes.

In Alice in Paradise and also The Odyssey, the similar heroes are called to a journey to encounter tough barriers and also they both share ruthless fight scenes. The characters’ personalities in The Odyssey and also in Alice in Paradise identical each various other. Odysseus and also Alice serve as unbiased independent leaders. Initially of the film, Alice contrasts wearing a corset to putting on a codfish on her head, which shows her absence of fear when it concerns speaking out and also having her own point of view.

This connects to when Odysseus decides to listen to the Sirens to show his fearlessness and also valor (Homer 12. 193-194). When” [Poseidon] buffets [Odysseus] from home”, it represents the Red Queen serving as the antagonist in Alice’s scenario and also maintaining her from going house (1. 99). When” [Athena’s] heart is broken for Odysseus”, she assists Odysseus in many ways such as camouflaging him as a beggar and changing him into a solid warrior (1/67). This scene appears like to the White Queen when she prepares Alice for the battle against the Jabberwocky.

The personalities carry out comparable activities as well as have complementary individualities. Alice and Odysseus have relatable obstacles such as obtaining entraped, getting gone after, and obtaining assistance. One instance would be when the Kyklops placed a “strong rock [over the opening] to shut the cavern” and trap the men in there (Homer 9. 260-262). This corresponds to when Alice attempts to get the vorpal sword from the doghouse, yet the Bandersnatch corners as well as catches her there. After Odysseus as well as his staff get entraped in the cavern, they stab the Kyklops in the eye to get away (9. 20). This scene acts equal to when Alice as well as her friends are being gone after by the Bandersnatch and Mallymkun the computer mouse stabs him in the eye. An additional similar occasion is when Odysseus speaks to the royal prince Teiresias as well as when Alice talks with Absalom the caterpillar for some words of knowledge (11. 110-111). Odysseus speaks to Teiresias the prophet to see what he may deal with on his journey back residence. Alice speaks with Absalom prior to the battle as well as he encourages her to fight as well as be much more certain in herself. The heroes both encounter challenging barriers.

The unclean and also gruesome visual images is shared in between these 2 tales in the final battle scene. When the suitors understand that their own lives were at stake, “their pale cheeks declines the flying blood”(Homer 22. 61-63). This scene represents when Alice kills the jabberwocky as well as everyone stops in wonder. When Odysseus eliminates Antinoos, Homer makes use of aesthetic imagery such as “crimson runnels [and] a river of mortal red”(22. 18-21). This scene resembles to when Alice jumps in the air and also slices the Jabberwocky’s head off; the head slowly falls down the staircases in thriller.

When Odysseus shoots an arrow at someone, “the quivering feathered butt/sprang to the nipple areas of [their] busts as the barb stuck in [their]/ liver”(22. 87-89). This scene in The Odyssey works as a splitting picture to when the Mad Hatter stabs Stayne Knave of Hearts in the eye with a needle. The ending scenes share an appalling and also grim aesthetic images. Individuals would still suggest that the tale of Alice in Wonderland and also The Odyssey are not alike. Nevertheless the characterization of the protagonists as well as antagonists relate to each other in lots of methods such as their activities as well as individualities.

The difficult barriers that Odysseus as well as Alice encounter parallel each other. Finally, the stories share similar plots and the ending battle scenes share an appalling and also grim aesthetic imagery. The heroes go on a trip, they deal with challenges, they reach a nadir where they obtain assist, and they both ultimately return back home. Work Mentioned: Homer,. The Odyssey. Trans. Robert Fitzgerald. New York: Farrar, Straus as well as Giroux, 1998. Publish. Burton, Tim, dir. Alice in Wonderland. Writ. Linda Woolverton, and Lewis Carroll. Walt Disney Studios Movement Photo, 2010. Movie. 2 May 2013.

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