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Comparison between Creon and Antigone in Oedipus the King Essay


In the Oedipus plays, 2 of the major characters include Creon, the sibling in regulation of Oedipus as well as Antigone, the little girl of Oedipus. Although these 2 characters play various roles in the plays Oedipus the King as well as Antigone, they share a great deal of similarities. Generally, among the resemblances that Creon and also Antigone have is that the problems that they brought throughout the plays were given to them by Oedipus following his downfall and also expatriation. After Oedupis’s expatriation, Creon thought the throne of Thebes and also took control of the city.

Although his intents in ruling Thebes are pure, like Oedipus who declined to listen to the blind prophet when he informed him that he was the one that killed his papa, Creon’s judgment was blinded when he originally rejected to give proper interment ceremonies to his enemy, Polynices, Oedipus boy. Consequently, Antigone, hanged herself, triggering her lover Haemon, Creon’s boy, to kill himself too.

Likewise, Antigone inherited the stubbornness of his papa when she opposed Creon’s order refute the corpse of Polynices, her brother, a proper burial.

For her defiance, Creon had her tossed right into a burial place, where she committed suicide through dangling. Basically, both Creon and also Antigone were influenced by Oedipus’s terrible downfall as he apparently passed down his misfortunes to those who succeeded him and to his relative. Antigone herself stated this in her conversation with her sister, in which she said “My very own flesh and also blood– dear sibling, dear Ismene, the number of pains our dad Oedipus passed on! Do you understand one, I ask you, one pain that Zeus will not best for both people while we still live as well as take a breath?

There’s absolutely nothing, no discomfort– our lives are pain– no personal embarassment, no public shame, nothing I have not seen in your sorrow as well as mine.” Simply put, Antigone spoke as if disasters are given in Oedipus’s family members like they were household heirlooms. Additionally, both Creon and also Antigone exemplified also experienced the same losses. Creon lost his child, Haemon, as well as his spouse, Eurydice that both committed suicide while Antigone lost her papa, Oedipus, as well as her two bros, Polynices as well as Eteocles, who killed each other while contesting who would certainly subjugate Thebes. In other words, both characters were laid off in their personal battles.

However, while both characters share several similarities, they likewise have various distinctions. For one, Antigone recognizes the past disasters as displayed in the quote above and also utilizes them as a motivation to move forward. Moreover, she is more vibrant and also prudent than Creon as revealed during their battle in which he asked her why she was opposing him and also she answered, “I didn’t claim yes. I can claim no to anything I state disgusting, and also I don’t need to count the price. However since you stated yes, all that you can do, for all you’re crown and also your trappings, and also your guards– all that your can do is to have me killed. “

On the various other hand, Creon is a manipulative and narrow-minded individual as displayed in his preliminary rejection to believe in the blind prophet’s forecast. His character is finest received his summary of Thebes wherein he said, “Anarchy– show me a higher criminal offense in all the planet! She, she ruins cities, rips up homes, damages the ranks of spearmen into headlong thrashing. Yet the ones who last it out, the great mass of them owe their lives to discipline. Therefore we should defend the guys that obey law, never ever allow some woman victory over us. Better to drop from power, if autumn we must, through a man– never be rated inferior to a female, never.

” In sum, while both personalities share resemblances due to their close connection with Oedipus, they likewise have differences that identify their personalities. Antigone is a reasonable, definitive yet stubborn personality while Creon is a person that holds himself in high esteem however later on realizes he is human too. Functions Cited “Oedipus the King.” 2008. The Internet Classics Archive. 3 April 2008 <. "Antigone." 2008. 2008. The Web Standards Archive. 3 April 2008 <

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