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Comparison of Brave New World and Handmaid’s Tale


Comparison of Brave New World and Handmaid’s Tale

The paradise’s in both Brave New World and The Handmaid’s Tale, utilize different techniques of acquiring control over individuals weather its in a relationship or having control over a whole society, however are both comparable in the fact that people are taken a look at as instruments. In both societies, the people have very little liberty and are always controlled strictly by the federal government. Brave New World and The Handmaid’s Tale produce fictional locations where the needs and desires of humans are met, however not in addition to they ought to be and not without a cost.

I think that the leaders in both books compromise the majority of the people for the minority. They are self-centered and have actually gone a few steps to far in the intensity of the way they run their society. These novels prove that the individual’s flexibility is sacrificed in dystopic societies when the federal government controls the knowledge, individuality and relationships of everyone in order for there to be stability in the society. In The Handmaid’s Tale and Brave New World, through issues of class systems and the control of reproduction, Margaret Atwood and Aldous Huxley forewarn that in an all-powerful society, it is destined to become corrupt.

Both novels treat humans as products and not as humans. In HMT, the whole structure of the Gilead society was constructed around the single objective of recreation. Gilead is a society dealing with a crisis of radically dropping birthrates and to solve the problem, it requires state control on the means of recreation. The society’s political order needs the overthrow of females. The federal government removes the females of the right to vote, the right to hold home or jobs, and the right to read. The women’s ovaries and womb end up being a “national resource” to the society.

Even believed this setting takes place in the future, it’s practically like these occasions happened in the past due to the fact that of the method they deal with women. Is almost like history is repeating its self which some individuals have not gained from the mistakes we have carried out in the past. Handmaids are socially conditioned in Gilead by the Aunties. At one point Offred even understands the next generation of females will be much easier to manage because Gilead will be all they know. It’s likewise crucial to note that in Gilead women are segregated even from each other, the Spouses from Handmaids, and both from the poorer Econowives.

Due to the fact that the ladies are not joined in thought or spirit, they are less likely to rebel, and therefore simpler to control. The women are managed so much that the state totally remoulds their mindset and this appears even to females that are independent like the storyteller of HMT, Offred. Offred makes this apparent when she is depending on the bathtub naked. “I utilized to think about my body as an instrument, of pleasure, or a means of transport, or an implement for the accomplishment of my will … Now the flesh organizes itself in a different way.

I’m a cloud, congealed around a central item, the shape of a pear, which is difficult and more real than I am and shines red within its translucent wrapping.” Offred views have changed on reproduction as the unique progresses. Originally she believes her body was an instrument, an extension of herself but now her body is only essential due to the fact that of its “main object”, or womb which can bear a kid. In BNW, we can see that people are also treated as possessions however in a different sense. This straight follows the economic rules of supply and demand.

Through the Bokanovsky and Podsnap Processes, the lower class is mass-produced on assembly lines to please the requirements of a market, similar to any other made good. The physician in BNW declares the World State’s belief that humans are things meant to be “consumed till they break.” With respect to sexual pleasure, World State citizens are conditioned to view themselves, and others, as commodities to be consumed like any manufactured good. In both novels, the humans are dealt with as nothing more than “things” that can perform jobs imposed by the government.

Personally, I believe that the way they run the society in both of these novels are completely unreasonable and I do not know how somebody had a sick adequate mind to think about something like this. Likewise, in some cases I seem like I am just a minuet part of society and everyone is telling me what to do and it practically feels like I am being controlled just like Offred in HMT but I understand at the end of the day that I have rights and I can make a difference. Even though both of the novels are fiction, it still reveals that severe power from the government can lead to control over the entire society.

Sometime we take our lives and the government for granted but we don’t know how fortunate were genuinely are to reside in the society that we remain in today. There are even other parts of the word that have today that have an unsteady governments but we try and do our best to assist people in need. This caring and responsibility for is something that is not apparent in the 2 novels and the federal government has so much control that it is very hard for anybody to step up and change. In both books, the people are treated as absolutely nothing more than “things” that can carry out tasks enforced by the federal government.

In HMT, Offred remembers her mom saying that it is “really fantastic, what people can get utilized to, as long as there are a few settlements.” Offred’s complete satisfaction after she begins her relationship with Nick reveals the reality of this insight. Offred’s scenario restricts her horribly compared to the liberty her former life enabled, however her relationship with Nick permits her to restore the smallest piece of her previous presence. The physical love ends up being a benefit that makes the constraints nearly manageable.

Ladies in general assistance Gilead’s perseverance by voluntarily taking part in unwanted sex, serving as Handmaid’s by enforcing the state. On the other hand, BNW is comparable in the truth that the people think that the society is regular, however various for the reason that they are conditioned to think that from birth. They brainwash everybody to believe that they are all substantial and crucial to the society but really they are all just one more similar embryo that was produced on an assembly line.

This appears in the following quote. “Each works for each else. We can’t do without any one. Even Epsilons are useful. We could not do without Epsilons. Every one works for every one else. We can’t do without any one” The state produces a superficial world through using conditioning, and gets away from reality using such drugs as soma, which is “the perfect drug”. The citizens of BNW are programmed to enjoy their destiny and contribute to the social stability of their utopia.

Science and technology have created a world where nobody ever requires to suffer and the leaders are free to manage their “flocks of sheep”. In HMT, the novel highlights a dystopia in which the state manages the behaviours and actions of its people in order to keep its own stability and power. A major distinction between the 2 is that in HMT, control is kept by consistent federal government monitoring, secret police, and torture, however in BNW the very same thing is maintained through technological usage that starts prior to birth and last up until death.

Using technology in BNW really changed what the society desired and the controlling state of Gilead preserves power through force and intimidation. The government of BNW keeps control by making its residents so pleased and superficially fulfilled that they do not care about their personal liberty. Although both books use various methods of force to manage the society, both lead to the loss of self-respect, morals, worths, and emotions and in short, a loss of humankind.

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