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Comparison of Hamlet the Play and Movie


Contrast of Hamlet the Play and Motion picture

A book and a motion picture are never the very same. Often times there are many differences in between the 2. Some distinctions in movie tend to stress specific scenes that we the director believes are the most essential ones in the motion picture. In general the motion picture tends to include or leave out specific things in order to make the film more intriguing and capturing to the audience. For this essay, the motion picture that Hamlet is being compared to is the variation with Mel Gibson and Glenn Close.

In this version, the instructions overlooked information of the initial play and added new scenes in order to make the play more appealing and emphasize what he believed were the most important parts of the play. One of the most capturing scenes that truly stands apart in between the 2 is the scene that illustrates the funeral service of King Hamlet. In the play there is not scene that portrays the funeral of kind Hamlet. However, in the film the scene is present as well as very well portrayed.

In this case, we see that the director believes that the death of Hamlet the primary character is necessary and essential to the production of the film. The director thought it was so essential that he utilized it to replace the opening scene of the play. In the actual play the opening scene represents the ghost of King Hamlet that appears to the guards on task. This is likewise the scene of how the ghost is presented into the play. The motion picture on the other end does not show this scene at all. The director completely overlooks it and changes it with what he thinks the audience will like more or will connect to more quickly.

Another significant contrast in between the play and the film is the depiction of Fortibras getting a letter from the dying Hamlet in the play in order to become the new king. Fortinbras take the letter and makes a speech accepting the honor that Hamlet has actually simply provided him. The motion picture never shows the end scene of Frontibras making his huge speech In addition, the motion picture fails to include one of the characters that exist in the play. In the play Polonius asks Reynaldo to travel to France and spy on his kid Laertes.

The movie on the other hand the film stops working to even include Reynaldo. Once again, this lets the audience understand what the director worths most in the play. The differences between the movie and the play are many however not large enough to change the significance of the play. They are both depicting the exact same message and the same centerpieces. It is reasonable that these discrepancies exist because of the 2 different sort of audience that is being directed to. In general, the film is a terrific description of the play and it does a terrific task of portraying Shakespeare’s message and plot.

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