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Comparison of “The Color Purple” and “Lord of the Flies”


Comparison of “The Color Purple” and “Lord of the Flies”

Character Alienation is where the main character is separated from the remainder of the characters in the story. Alienation can be triggered by numerous things, such as violent relationships like in the story The Color Purple, or bad leadership such as the story, Lord of the Flies, in which both protagonists were pushed away by their own individuals. In the book, “The Color Purple”, Celie, the lead character, is pushed away by most of the crucial guys in her family. It causes her to be really passive and helpless. She is aware that people see her as a weakling.

Her sis, Nettie tells her to eliminate back, but she believes combating is useless as she prices estimate, “I think of Nettie dead. She battle, she run away. What excellent it do? I do not fight, I remain where I’m told. However I live.” Celie seems material to be alive and sees no point in life in where she needs to safeguard herself, and this suggests that she is really low in her self-confidence. On the other hand, Ralph in the story “Lord of the Flies” is the chief of his people on the island. He reveals himself and tells his tribe what to do, where as in Celie’s case, she has to listen to her spouse.

She can not express herself, where as he wishes to reveal more of himself to the people. He is full of confidence of what he does and all the choices he makes, whereas Celie will go with anything her husband states. Ralph is a leader who attempts to impose himself on his people, however the young boys overlooked him, and instead, they simply play throughout the day and hunt. They seemed like they might do whatever they desire since there were no repercussions to Ralph’s guidelines. Ralph’s issue was that he wasn’t firm with his people. The chores that he would assign each group of kids was ignored, and therefore, he was isolated by his group.

When Albert’s siblings come by, they match Celie for cleaning your home and taking care of the kids. This is the first time someone other then Nettie offered her a compliment. His sis inform him to buy Celie brand-new clothing. For example, “He look at me. It like he looking at the earth. It require somethin’? his eyes state.” Albert is surprised initially, however he gives Celie the money for a new gown. This gave herself respect a boost. When Celie meets Sofia, her daughter-in-law she felt jealous of Sofia because she’s assertive and has power.

Sofia estimates “All my life I needed to battle. I had to combat my daddy. I needed to battle my bros. I had to fight my cousins and my uncles. A lady ain’t safe in a household of guys.” Sofia had discovered to fight back for her own sake. Sofia quotes again, “You remind me of my mother. She under my daddy thumb. Naw, She under my daddy foot. Anything he say, goes. She never state absolutely nothing back. She never stand up for herself. Attempt to make a little half stand for the children, however it backfired.” Sofia compares Celie to her mother, saying she’s weak and can’t stand up for herself.

Celie now sees the value of fighting, however is too afraid. When she satisfies Shug Avery, her husband’s lover, she alters a little bit, and does not feel as lonesome as she did in the past. She builds her self-confidence as they have an intimate relationship. For example, “She say, I love you, Miss Celie, and she transport off and kiss me on the mouth.” This relationship made her seem like somebody unique. She did have a relationship with her stepfather and her spouse, however she didn’t have the exact same love with them as she made with Shug.

What changes Celie from being actually weak to confident is when she found her sibling’s letters. Albert knows that Nettie indicates a lot to Celie. He just hid it from her since Nettie fought back when he tried to rape her, as she prices estimate, “After a while, I needed to rest which’s when he got down from his horse and began to attempt to kiss me, and drag me back in the woods. ‘Well, I began to fight him, and with god’s assistance, I hurt him bad adequate to make him let me alone. But he was some mad. He said due to the fact that of what I ‘d done I ‘d never hear from you again, and you would never hear from me. He feels that this is the only way to penalize both Nettie for not weding him and Celie for not being Shug Avery. When Celie finds out that he had been hiding Nettie’s letters, She has this strong urge to eliminate him but Shug tells her not to. Celie prices estimate,” But Mr. _______ not Christ. I’m not Christ, I state You somebody to Nettie, she state. And she be pissed if you change on her while she on her way home.” Shug informs Celie not to kill Mr. _______ due to the fact that she does not desire Nettie to be mad at her when she gets back. Shug likes Celie and does not want her to be hurt.

In the end of “The Color Purple”, Nettie comes home along with her other half, Samuel, Celie’s two kids, Olivia and Adam, and Adam’s wife, Tashi. She’s so pleased and happy that she estimates, “And I see they believe me and Nettie and Shug and Albert and Samuel and Harpo and Sofia and Jack and Odessa genuine old and don’t understand much what going on. However I do not believe us feel old at al. And us so delighted. Matter of reality, I think this is the youngest us ever felt.” Here, she tells us that she has actually never felt as happy as previously.

This shows she is now in control of her life, rather then under control of her other half or stepfather. Ralph is absolutely the opposite from Celie. In his case, he goes from being a leader that everyone appreciated, to ending up being isolated from the people. He was kind and generous to the kids, understanding that dictatorship will only trigger them to have fear, so he utilized the conch shell as a symbol of speaking one’s mind. The conch shell likewise represents his management, however as utilized in the story, whomever holds it, gets to speak without being disturbed, and Ralph emphasizes it throughout the book, as he estimates, “JACK!

JACK! You have not got the conch! Let him speak!” His primary objective throughout the island to get rescued, as he prices estimate, “We want to be saved, and naturally we will be saved”. He primarily desires the fire to be maintained for that is their only hope of being saved, however the boys do not succeed in that. When they first attempted making a fire, they practically burnt the entire island. When a boat was passing by, the hunters were expected to maintain the fire, however rather, they were too busy chasing a pig and lost their possibility of getting saved.

Ralph’s leadership begins to fall, whereas Jack’s dictatorship starts to increase. The truth that the young boys did not feel fear was the major issue of Ralph’s management. He tries to solve their problems with tasks to assist them maintain a civilized life, however nobody wants to help, for they all want to play. Jack takes a stand and abandons the tribe, saying, “Who ever wants to hunt, then featured me.” Later on, Ralph’s people leaves him for Jack. Instead of finding peace, however, Jack acts like a tyrant amongst them and will listen to nobody however himself.

He uses violence and fear on his tribe and they follow perfectly. Ralph ends up being Isolated from everybody, particularly when Simon and Piggy get killed. He ends up being a desired male to Jack’s tribe and has to save himself from death waiting upon him at Castle Rock where Jack stays. In the end of “Lord of the Flies”, When the Naval officer discovers Ralph and the other young boys on the beach, Ralph weeps along with the other boys as it prices estimate, “Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of guy’s heart, and the fail the air of a true, smart buddy called Piggy. Instead of rejoicing like Celie did when she saw her sibling again, Ralph sobbed knowing that absolutely nothing will ever be the same once again. Whether you remain in an abusive relationship or having bad management, the fact stays that you need to stand your ground. One needs to be firm and assertive in order to make other peoples’ regard. Alienation tends to pull you far from individuals which’s what caused them have difficulty in their lives.

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