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Critical Analysis of Brave New World


Vital Analysis of Brave New World

Vital Analysis of Brave New World In Aldous Huxley’s satirical novel, Brave New World, the government of a futuristic, utopian civilization censors the citizens from anything they do not agree with. Meanwhile “savages” whom are banned from “civilization”, are complimentary to keep their personal morals and worths. Huxley is important of federal governments tricking their citizens, consumerism and mankind’s desire affair with selfishness. Governments exist to manipulate and manage individuals they rule over.

The very best method to control somebody is to manipulate their ideas from the extremely beginning; to not show them any alternative other than yours. From the minute each resident of the World State is produced, they are conditioned to have the very same beliefs and ideas as everybody else. The citizens are not offered an opportunity to form their own opinions since the World State would be questioned and lose control. “Joy is hard to master– particularly other individuals’s joy. A much more difficult master, if one isn’t conditioned to accept it unquestioningly, than reality”( 204 ).

The ultimate controller, Mustapha Mond, describes that to continue being undoubted and in control, you need to keep the people you are manipulating pleased. Mustapha also suggests that by conditioning them, you know how to control their joy; if all else fails they have soma. Soma is a drug that the World State disperses to its people due to the fact that of its positive, relaxing results. Huxley is bringing our attention to our contemporary federal governments that manage us by making us believe that our specific happiness obtains on our ability to please needs.

Huxley slams customer society. In Brave New World, the citizens are conditioned to think “ending is much better than fixing”( 55 ). The World State promotes consumerism by scheming everyone into thinking that it is easier to buy something brand-new, than to repair it. As a spin-off the citizens become lazy and do not handle issues of any kind. Federal governments are categorized as effective if they have financial growth. The World State tells their people, “The more stitches, the less riches”( 57 ). Wealth for the government is made into an immediate goal for each citizen.

Instead of appreciating their individual, hard-earned money, the people are more than delighted to add to financial prosperity. Instead of basing being successful off of money, federal governments should weigh their people needs into account. Huxley is crucial of human beings’ greed and self-regard. In his discussion with The Savage, Mustapha declares, “civilization has absolutely no requirement of nobility and heroism”( 213 ). Mustapha is revealing the importance of lack of religious beliefs. Mustapha’s simple argument is for there to be a need to have a hero, it would be necessary for their to be unstable conditions.

Huxley has actually therefore created this immaculate and rational situation where, if given, we were positioned into Mustapha’s shoes, we would choose to keep faith out of the picture also. We would ban religion due to the fact that we presume that it, along with whatever else, focuses on our needs, and our requirements just. Part of being human is to feel strong emotions such as rage and anger. The World State gets rid of these feelings from everyday life by providing V. P. S. treatments to the people. V. P. S. denotes Violent Enthusiasm Surrogate. V. P.

S. is simply a convenient method to have strong emotions that does not interfere with the conditioned lives of the people. Huxley is mocking the way human beings center everything around themselves since it is a benefit to them. Humans are self-centered and do not reconsider their actions as long as there is no unfavorable effects towards themselves. Regardless of the efforts of a couple of civilized people and a savage, the rest of civilization remains blind to the governments type of censorship and continue to abandon morals.

Although Aldous Huxley composed Brave New World in 1931, what he expressed about human nature and technology continues to be real. Governments manage and supervise what they think citizens need to see and think about. Governments take ahold of such power by commanding the media; the media provides audiences with specific suitables about themselves and the world around them. Federal governments persuade society into thinking that old perfects are no longer important which if something is no longer of assistance to us, it is no longer helpful to anyone. The only method to contribute to the change of society’s views is to individually change.

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