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Crucible Essay


Even after doing those things the harassers still end up at fault for whatever occurred to them, but despite all that, they were able to regain their lost integrity. In Miller’s play it can be seen that characters were given the opportunity to w hat was best which they used, nevertheless it was not a simple for them to make the decisive on of telling the truth. An example of this is when John Proctor refuses to sign his name on an association.

The factor Proctor declines to do so is due to the fact that he values his credibility and more than anything he wishes to keep his reputation. Because it is my name! Due to the fact that can not have another in my life! Because I lie and sign myself to lies! Because I am unworthy the dust on t he feet of them that hang! How may live without my name? I have given you my soul; leave my name.” (Act 4 page 143.) In this quote it is seen that Proctor is trying hard to keep his name clean, and while doing so he does not appreciate what the future effects would be. Simi Larry Reverend Hale has citizens who look up to him which positions him as a higher authority. Hope you, someone take these” (Act 1 page 36. Here it is revealed that Hale has p rower over the tizzies which he is not concerned about the others in town. However tow awards completion both characters lose whatever power they had which triggers them to be real to 20th errs and inform the fact and earn back their lost stability. When the time came Proctor recognized he en deed to redeem himself. “A guy may believe God sleeps, however God sees everything, understand it no w. I beg you, sir, I beg you see her what she is … She believes to dance with me on my wife’s tomb! And well she might, for I thought about her gently.

God assist me, I starved, and there is a pledge in such sweat. But it is a slut’s vengeance … (Act 3 page 110.) Here Proctor finally admits y o carrying out infidelity and admits to his previous errors, despite the fact that it has cosseted him his life e. Likewise Hale does the very same, he admits to his mistakes and brings out whatever truth was aft to be informed. “Let you not mistake your duty as I misinterpreted my own.” (Act 4 page 132.) Hale after a long period of time lastly confesses that he misused his power and he regains his lost stability while e attempting to save the lives of innocent individuals.

Also throughout the play it can be seen that there is change between character s whether it be the character changing themselves or helping other characters alter. A fine example of this would be from the beginning of the play, when it is seen that Proctor is did slowly to his spouse Elizabeth. “Infant, I might consider you gently from time to time. But will cut off my hand prior to I’ll ever reach for you once again. Wipe it out of mind. We never touched, Child” (A CT 1 page 23). This here shows that Proctor betrays to his spouse which he is likewise attempting to erase the past and keep the fact about his adultery in the dark.

In contrast while Proctor w s unfaithful, Hale was being motivated by misbehaviors. “Why is all of it easy. I pertain to do the devil’s work. I concern counsel Christians they need to belie themselves. There is blood on my head. Can you see the blood on my head” (Act 4 page 131). Here Hale is showing that he has been motivated by the devil to do incorrect things. He here thinks that he is doing the devil’s w ark. Never the less even after displaying such hideous characteristics both character’s handled to chi anger themselves and again make back any lost integrity.

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