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Crucible Movie And Play Comparison


Crucible Motion Picture And Play Contrast

The Crucible by Arthur Miller is an American classic that was composed in the early 1950’s. It occurs is Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. It communicates the story of the Salem Witch Trials. At this time, hysteria, deceit, and fear absorbed the minds of the Puritan towns of New England. The Crucible, the film, was made in 1996. Although it follows the same story-line of the original book there are many distinctions. In the film, the very first scene is Tituba and the girls dancing in the forest whereas in the book we merely hear about it when young Betty is ill and being analyzed.

The Crucible Movie

In the film Reverend Hale’s spouse is pointed out and Abigail implicates her of being a witch. Abigail gos to John Proctor in prison with a strategy to help him leave in the film. In the book, Abigail never ever visits Proctor and really escapes. Also in the movie, Abigail is seen stealing money from Paris which is not pointed out in the book. Many court scenes included in the book were not shown in the film. Like the first scene of the film, the majority of sets are recorded outdoors however in the book events take place inside your home. Betty’s condition appears to be a lot more severe in the movie.

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She tries to leap out the window and is much more violent than described in the book. Tituba was whipped into confession in the movie when she was just scared into it in the novel. In the movie, John Proctor meets with Abigail to inform her to stop with the lies and to leave him alone. These are simply a few of the distinctions of the film and the book, The Crucible. Both following the plot of the initial story by Arthur Miller, the majority of additions to the film were inclueded for remarkable result and audience entertainment.

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