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Daisy’s Character in The Great Gatsby


Sissy’s Personality in The Fantastic Gatsby

The attributes of Daisy as well as her social condition resemble those of the common Fitzgerald women character. Daisy is younger and also stunning. “Daisy took her face in her hands as if feeling its beautiful shape.

.” Most of Fitzgerald’s women characters are entailed with rich males, and also Daisey is wed to one. Tom “… employed an entire flooring of the Muhlbach Resort.

.” for his as well as Daisy’s wedding event. Sissy had actually been incredibly prominent as a more youthful lady. She was “‘…

by far the most popular of all the girls in Louisville.'” Besides having the typical circumstance for one of Fitzgerald’s women characters, Daisy also has a similar personality.Daisy’s individuality was not unlike those of other Fitzgerald woman characters. She has an especially charming top quality that attracts people to her. She talks to Nick “…

in her low, exhilarating voice.” Sissy presents frivilous perspectives. She shows her daughter to good friends like an eye-catching things. Daisy claims to her little girl, “‘… your mom wished to reveal you off.

‘” Daisy is actually rather chilly as well as has no genuine feelings. Nick “… felt the standard insincerity of what she had actually stated.”

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