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Death of a Salesman – Minor Characters


Death of a Salesperson– Minor Characters

In the play Death of a Salesperson, the plot is impacted by three minor characters: Ben, Charley and Howard. The minor characters help the story’s lead character, Willy, develop extensively throughout the course of the play; therefore, they are crucial elements in the advancing plot. This plot blends and contrasts Willy’s closest companions, Ben and Charley. They represent two elements of Willy’s ideals. Howard, Willy’s manager, functions in order to heighten the damage of Willy’s dream. The characters Ben, Charley and Howard are prominent in the play’s outcome and aid establish the main character, Willy. lt; br> Ben is an invention of Willy’s imagination who represents his optimistic view of success. Ben is symbolic of the success of the American Dream. “when I was seventeen I strolled into the jungle and when I was twenty-one I went out. And by God I was abundant”( 48 ). Ben made his abundance without the help of an education or task. Willy is continuously deceived with deception impressions of splendour by Ben. “What are you constructing? Lay your hand on it. Where is it? “( 86 ). Ben concerns the success of Willy’s sales job and states that in order to be flourishing, one must physically touch it.

Ben represents the success of the American Dream and functions in order to make Willy question the actions of effort. < Charley is Willy's closest friend and he shows the failure of Willy Loman's perfects. He is a really sensible character who tries to persuade Willy that his goals are all incorrect. "The only thing you got in this world is what you can offer"( 97 ). Willy thinks that in order to be a success, one must be well liked; therefore, Charley describes to Willy that good business will make somebody flourishing.

The failure of Willy’s suitables are once again represented with his envious attitude towards Charley. “You been envious of me all your life, you damned deceive! “( 98 ). Charley succeeds due to effort and this has actually angered Willy because it is contrary to his beliefs. The failure of Willy Loman’s perfects are apparent since of the success of his closest friend, Charley. Through the actions of the minor characters in Death of a Salesman, Willy Loman’s character develops throughout the play. These minor characters, Ben, Willy and Howard, are prominent in the outcome of the story because they provide the reader with contrasts in between themselves and the protagonist. Through their interactions, Willy’s character has the ability to evoke a psychological response from the reader; for that reason, the small characters are type in the establishing plot. These interactions are related to Willy’s misconceptions of splendour which relate to success and life.

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