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Death of a Salesman: Tragic Flaws


Death of a Salesman: Awful Defects

Death of a Salesperson Final Essay In Death of a Salesperson, by Arthur Miller, the primary terrible character, Willy, misses out on accomplishing his happiness of being popular and popular since he’s blinded to reality by his fascination over how well liked one is. In On Delight in Disaster, Arthur miller mentions “disaster occurs when a man misses accomplishing his joy”. He specifies catastrophe as a scenario in which something great might’ve occurred to a common person, but due to the fact that of their failure to benefit from it, they succumb to failure and tragedy.

Willy’s definition of success is by the number of individuals that like you. “Due to the fact that the male who makes an appearance in business world, the male who creates individual interest is the guy who gets ahead” (Miller pg 33). This kind of thinking causes Willy’s failure to grab the chances presented to him, resulting in his ultimate demise. Willy Loman is an average salesman. He has only made monumental sales in his imagination, but insists that he is the best in business. He contradicts the truth that a person can not be successful exclusively on how popular a person is.

He thinks that things like naming a child should represent something in service even though his more successful buddy tells him otherwise. “Willy when are you gon na recognize that them things do not mean anything? You called him Howard, but you cant offer that. The only thing you got in this world is what you can offer. And the amusing thing is that you’re a salesman, and you don’t understand that” (Miller pg 97). His delight and dream is to be so well known and liked that he could make his living from a luxurious hotel simply through telephone call. He misses out on this dream because of a number of reasons.

Firstly, he never ever works hard sufficient to secure a great living because he is so focused on trying to impress everyone. Second of all, his rash and condescending character does not enable him to get the regard and appreciation he so severely longs for. He snaps easily and is constantly all set for a battle. An example of this would be when charley made a little bit of a joke about Biff’s football video game. He responded in this manner “yeah, heh? When this video game is over, you’ll be chuckling out of the other side of your face (Miller pg 89). The last however not the least reason

Willy “misses accomplishing his delight” is due to the fact that he was so obsessed with being popular and keeping his pride that he loses out on two opportunities to accomplish his goal. One was the deal from his brother to join him in Africa where he could’ve made a great deal of money from mining diamonds. He rejects this deal due to the fact that he was so consumed with living the life of Dave Singleman, a life in which he never ever needed to do genuine work. Perhaps if he had actually followed this more tangible type of work, he would have turned out differently. The other offer he received was from his old time good friend charley, who uses to pay him $50 a week for nearly no work.

He refuses yet again because his pride would not let him work for someone whom he anticipated to be listed below him. These examples all relate to Miller’s definition of a tragedy in On Delight in disaster. Miller specifies that for there to be a tragedy, there had to be opportunities for something good to have actually occurred.” However the pleasure must be there, the promise of properly of life should be there” (Miller) In Conclusion, the main tragic character, Willy, misses accomplishing his joy of being popular and well known since he’s blinded to truth by his fixation over how Favored one is.

He may have gotten rid of the obstacles in his way, he could’ve changed his mindset, but all the pressure on him simply drove him to suicide. He could not live with the guilt of unfaithful on his other half, and neither he could not deal with the disrespect his treasured boy now had for him. Therefore the only escape he saw was to commit suicide so that his spouse and kids would receive the insurance coverage money. His death was an unfortunate ending to the life of a man who had many dreams.

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