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Declaration of Independence and Letter from Birmingham Jail


Declaration and Letter from Birmingham Prison

Thomas Jefferson and Martin Luther King Jr. are 2 American males who were crucial leaders during very questionable periods in U. S. history, and they were instrumental in motions that forever altered American society. Although their generations, cultures, backgrounds, and intentions were quite various, their cause was fairly the very same. It was a cause that stood versus oppression, injustice, and sought the flexibility of all men. Their beliefs and battles appeared in their writings. Two of the most famous works in specific are “Declaration” and “Letter from Birmingham Jail”.

Both works are very efficient and successful in reaching out to their designated audience. Nevertheless, “Letter from Birmingham Jail” is more reliable in interacting its purpose to its audience. This was performed in a time when black men and women were systematically and strongly rejected a platform from which they could openly voice their concerns to the country. “Declaration of Independence” and “Letter from Birmingham Prison” were composed during questionable times, never the less, they established a justified function in the hearts of the males who were fortunate to read them.

However, the real stability behind the function of each writing is measured by looking at the males who wrote them and their lifestyle. Both guys were extremely smart and educated guys of high moral and spiritual character. However, one would question the stability of a person that declares that all guys are enhanced by their Creator with particular unalienable rights, such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of joy, and on the other hand, lives his life as a slave owner.

The freedom and equality of slaves with whites, was never ever thought about in the writing of the Statement because slavery was very much a part of all of the colonies when that file was composed. As a matter of reality, slavery remained a part of colonial life for nearly one a century after the Declaration was written. Dr. King and his followers, on the other hand, nonviolently fought for flexibility at the expenditure of their own lives, as evidenced by Dr. King composing this letter from behind bars.

He strolled the statement that he makes in the letter that says, “I have tried to stand between these two forces, saying that we require replicate neither the “do-nothingism” of the contented nor the hatred and anguish of the black nationalist. For there is the more excellent method of love and nonviolent demonstration. I am grateful to God that, through the impact of the Negro church, the method of nonviolence ended up being an integral part of our struggle” (530 ). Although their cause was the exact same, their tactics and audience differed.

Jefferson was able to utilize his claim of tyranny against the king, and Dr. King was able to utilize his simple approach and his comparisons to other males and organizations, to acquire a worldwide audience in order to advance their causes. For example, Jefferson was able to rally support from the colonists and compassion from other nations by putting the blame on King George. Jefferson justified his blame of King George by listing the king’s many oppressions, in addition to the attempts that the colonial leaders made to interact with King George.

Utilizing this tactic Jefferson was able to provoke the autocrat to war, prepare the colonists for war, and ultimately gain an alliance with the French who helped them win the war. Nevertheless, the Statement was just targeted to the audience that would be crucial in assisting the nests gain their independence. For instance, the servants were neglected because slavery was still a popular way of living. On the other hand, “Letter from Birmingham Jail” right away connected to all guys. This is generally due to the advanced technology during Dr.

King’s time; the media, for instance, had far more resources and the ability to reach much more people than had been possible in the past. This technological benefit gave Dr. King a worldwide stage. He used this phase to draw assistance from numerous sources by identifying with respectable males of various cultures and their suitables throughout history, in addition to by distancing himself from numerous negative movements of his age that fought for the exact same cause. Dr. King identified with such males as Socrates, Jesus Christ, the Apostle Paul, Martin Luther, John Bunyan, Abraham Lincoln, and even Thomas Jefferson (530-531).

He separated himself from the complacency of the middle class Negro and the white moderate, in addition to from the violent extreme of the Nazi party and the black nationalists such as the Muslim movement led by Elijah Muhammed (528-529). With this tactic he had the ability to connect to various types of individuals, even those who were strongly against Dr. King and what he meant. “The Declaration” and “Letter from Birmingham Jail” were both extremely important and required writings of their time.

They have even transcended their time and have been referenced throughout history. Dr. King even discusses Thomas Jefferson and the Statement in the Birmingham letter, which includes strength to his argument to the clergymen. Dr. King reference to Thomas Jefferson includes strength to his argument because Jefferson is the author of the document that officially claimed America’s independence, and because document, Jefferson mentions that all males are created equivalent (531 ). They may have been composed in various times, however both texts speak the same message.

The texts speak a message that attacks oppression and oppression, while maintaining the right to liberty and equality for all guys. The concern was that which writing was more effective. Each writing was really reliable for their time, but the only one was could withstand the question of true integrity seen by the way of lives of the authors. Just one writing had a message of true compassion for all guys because no life was destroyed in order to get the freedom that was so frantically looked for.

That writing was the Letter from Birmingham Jail. Dr. King might never remain in concern because he was living the life that he composed of in that letter. Perhaps the most persuading perfect in his letter that made it the more effective piece, is the ideal of love and peace. He never ever assaulted one man in the letter. He just assaulted the suitables of men. The 2 works will continue to affect numerous for several years to come, however the message of love in the Letter from Birmingham Prison will transcend every social barrier known to man.

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