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Defining Reality in Orwell’s 1984


Defining Truth in Orwell’s 1984

“It’s truly a marvel that I haven’t dropped all my suitables, because they appear so absurd and impossible to perform. Yet I keep them, because in spite of everything, I still think that people are truly proficient at heart.”? Anne Frank, the Diary of a Girl. Anne Frank is a best example of a person who believes and sticks with her own ideas, she trusts humanity. Anne Frank is very comparable to Winston Smith, the lead character in George Orwell’s novel 1984. Winston Smith is a man who rebels versus the celebration because he fans his own definition of truth and humankind, then he continues to seek reality and convenience. Nevertheless, this is a difficult task since the party defines humankind and truth, Winston, being a private, is constantly beat.
From birth all celebration members are driven ridiculous due to the fact that their truth has been diligently and methodiously dismissed through things like Doublespeak. The phrase “you do not exist” is a Truth is destroyed and the party member is lowered to catatonia. Against all odds Winston was able to hold onto his reality into adulthood.Winston is the last human being on the earth, not in the actual sense, however in the spiritual. Considering that Winston is the last real human on earth, paradoxically he will be viewed as the ridiculous on compared to the remainder of the world, because the person has little strength, and his ideas will not be taken seriously without support. When undoubtedly rather the reverse is true, the world is crazy and Winston is perfectly sane. Winston thinks and feels for him, being able to do these things make him human. Winston is “sick” with human instinct. Winston found out about feeling and love from his mom, his mom loved Winston and had actually compromised herself and her daughter so that Winston could live, “she had sacrificed herself to a conception of commitment that was private and unalterable” (Orwell 28).
Winston questions if anyone else feels the way that he does, he looks for acceptance due to the fact that he is absolutely alone.He desires love and companionship, which is what he discovers with Julia, his act of rebellion. Winston has sex with Julia; he understands that the celebration can not control desire “Their embrace had been a fight, the climax a triumph. It was a blow struck against the celebration. It was a political act” (Orwell 105). Winston understands that love and sex are human impulses and emotions that the party attempts to manage however can not. Another rebellious thing Winston does is open a journal to “Transfer to paper to the interminable uneasy monologue that had actually been running inside his head, actually for several years”(Orwell 11). Winston Smith records his thoughts in a journal is an expression of both independence and demonstration versus ‘Big Sibling’ along with a means of, hopefully, interacting his thoughts and feelings to a future generation.
We learn a great deal of various things from George Orwell’s 1984, however most importantly we learn how essential it is to stand by our own beliefs and our own versions of truth. It does not matter if you stand alone, or with millions of other individuals, your belief will be the exact same. Do not be afraid to base on your own because it is possible that you could be the last sane person on the earth.

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