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Directing a scene from A View From The Bridge Essay


A view from the bridge is a play composed by Arthur Miller in 1955. Arthur Miller was born in New York in 1915 and has written over 18 well known plays, a few of which have won various awards. A view from the bridge was one of his first plays. This play is based in America in the 1950’s when immigrants were entering America from Italy by the big ships on the water-front. Migration was illegal so migration officers established posts to try and discover the immigrants, therefore immigrants had to remain low to avoid being captured and typically had to remain at relatives houses.

I will be directing the scene from page 55-58 when Eddie teaches Rodolpho how to box. I have chosen this scene because it is the first scene Eddie gets physical with Rodolpho. I feel this is an extremely essential scene because the relationship between Eddie and Rodolpho has not been great throughout the play, this scene also creates a lot of stress as the audience wish to see if the battle develops and how Rodolpho will respond to Eddie boxing with him.

Before this scene the relationship in between Eddie and Rodolpho has actually been really rocky.

Eddie does not believe quite of him due to the fact that he can sing and dance, from the very first time he fulfilled Rodolpho he didn’t like his singing and became a bit envious as Catherine quickly took a shine to Rodolpho. Catherine was really kind to Rodolpho from the extremely first time she saw him. P. 29 ″ Come here, sit down, I’ll get you some soup.” She is being extremely kind thinking about Marco and Rodolpho are complete strangers, where as Eddie is a bit more concerned towards them both, particularly Rodolpho. An example of this is on page 32 when Rodolpho starts to sing “Paper Doll.” Everybody is enjoying his singing apart from Eddie.

“Hey, kid-hey, wait a minute-” Eddie jumps in to stop him. After the “boxing scene” the relationship deteriates between Eddie and Rodolpho and Marco. This scene is important since it is the turning point as Marco shows his strength through lifting a chair with one hand, yet Eddie (up till now) has actually been the character in control but can not lift the chair unlike Rodolpho. I think this scene sets the tone for the rest of the play since Eddie changes from “Mr. Cool.” To somebody who is no longer in control of everything. He is now unexpectedly no longer in full control of Catherine which is somebody he enjoys wants to control.

At the start of the scene I am going to direct there is a great deal of tension in the space in between Eddie, Beatrice and Catherine as Catherine asks Rodolpho to dance. I would reveal the shock of Eddie as his Catherine is dancing with another person by getting him to freeze on the area and look over delicately (but certainly so the audience can see and understand his shock) to Beatrice and Marco to see what they believe, and to see if they are also shocked. As Beatrice states “Go on, dance, Rodolpho.” Eddie would put his beverage of whisky in his hand, swill it around and take a seat watching Rodolpho’s every relocation.

As Beatrice tries to make discussion I would get her to state it once or twice to make it appear Eddie is so associated with seeing Rodolpho. He would then say a sharp and fast “Yes!” to communicate he is not thinking about what she is saying but only in their dance. I would use white lighting to light up the dance and a dull light would fill the rest of the room. When Marco talks about Rodolpho being a cook too a traffic signal to reveal anger would then shine vibrantly on Eddie as he stands and after that talks loudly and says, “He’s a cook too!

” The traffic signal would then fade as Eddie cools down to show the audience his anger is fading. In Rodolpho’s defense Catherine will quickly reply “They get some high pay them guys. The head chefs in all the huge hotels are males. You check out them.” They will continue dancing, Rodolpho showing a little stress and anxiety by taking a look at Marco in a baffled method. Eddie then stands and starts to talk about how the dock is no place for Rodolpho. Beatrice looks away as if she repents Eddie is saying this. Catherine and Rodolpho stop dancing and begin to listen to Eddie, Catherine providing appearances of concern towards Beatrice.

The main spotlight shines on Eddie so the audience can see this is a fundamental part for Eddie. When Eddie comes up to the end of his speech since he is trying to make Rodolpho see he needs to levee he begins to swill his glass excessive and then spills little bits of it. Recognizing Eddie is making a little bit of a fool of himself he freezes, takes a seat and provides to take Rodolpho to a boxing match. Catherine who is somewhat surprised by Eddie’s fast change of heart, she reveals this to the audience by to Beatrice then using to make coffee.

As he asks Rodolpho if he has ever done any boxing prior to he puts his stogie and whisky down as this will make the audience conscious he is going to get up. The audience are now familiar with Eddie and his explosive anger and understand he does not like Rodolpho, the audience understand he is going to try something funny. As he asks Rodolpho to box Beatrice will attempt to cool Eddie off and try to get him to sit back down, in reply to this Eddie says “Beatrice step aside, let the male discover how to box if that is what he wants, you are a genuine male right?

” This line puts pressure onto Rodolpho as he wishes to be seen as a male and especially by Eddie, so he accepts the offer. Beatrice then backs off and lets Eddie teach Rodolpho how to box. Rodolpho is a bit ashamed, as he does not understand what to do. Eddie teaches him slowly, then Rodolpho starts to master it and they go at a quicker pace. Eddie motivates Rodolpho as if he in fact wants Rodolpho to hit him. Beatrice sees no damage and talk about how well Rodolpho is doing. Tension is beginning to be created in the audience and there is also some remarkable paradox since the audience understand Eddie is going to do something.

Eddie is now virtually telling Rodolpho to strike him. Catherine goes into the room and she is shocked at what she sees so rushes off to Beatrice and demands to understand what is going on. Eddie then states “you’ve had a good fracture at me, now let me have a go at you!” Rodolpho is just about to say something when Eddie strikes him gently around the cheeks and alerts Rodolpho to be all set at all times, he then tosses a 2nd fast punch and connects it to Rodolpho’s face. Rodolpho is pressed back by the shock however just slightly injured.

At the time of the punch Marco is blocking the audience’s view of Rodolpho and Eddie actually strikes Rodolpho’s hand, it will still make the exact same sort of sound but the audience will not understand Rodolpho wasn’t actually struck. The audience is stunned. Catherine runs over to Rodolpho to see if he is alright. Eddie rapidly states” Your alright, you couldn’t be hurt by a blow like that could you?” Again this puts pressure on Rodolpho to respond to no, he replies” No, I’m great, honestly.” He staggers over to a chair with Catherine comforting him.

Beatrice then calls over Eddie, she scolds him as if he was a child and warns him not to do anything like that again. Beatrice and Eddie break the silence by when again informing Rodolpho how well he did. Marco stands and calls over to Eddie” Eddie, How strong are you?” “Relatively strong, why?” Eddie responds, interested.” Believe you can raise this here chair?” Eddie is confused so he visits Marco. Catherine and Rodolpho begin to dance to” Paper Doll.” As soon as again. Marco states” Watch me.” He then comes down onto one knee and stress however manages to lift the chair with one hand.

He stands with the chair and looks straight into Eddie’s eyes as if challenging his power and strength. Eddie all most laughs as Marco asks him to raise the chair up. Everybody has stopped what they are doing and are now watching Eddie. Eddie clutches the chair and strains however can not lift the chair. Eddie’s face turns from smiling to disbelieve. Eddie stands and says” Oh eerr … never ever new that about a chair, great celebration technique that Marco.” Marco then responds” Yes it is however only if you can do it.” Marco states this fatal seriously as if he is teasing Eddie because he could not do it. Everybody on set freezes and drape falls.

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