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Dramatic Monologue Alice in Wonderland


Dramatic Talk Alice in Wonderland

Alice: I am so very bored, just how can there be a publication without any pictures, what is the point? Wow what rather daisies. It is so cozy this afternoon; it’s making me so sleepy. Oh what an adorable bunny. Bunny!? Oh exactly how exceptional, I have actually never seen a chatting bunny before. Mr. Rabbit, oh Mr. Rabbit where are you going? Why, just how impolite of him. (Angrily) I asked him a civil inquiry, and also he acted not to hear me.

That’s not at all great. I claim, Mr. White Bunny, where are you going? (Calling after him) Hmmm. He will not answer me. And I do so want to know what he is late for. I wonder if I must follow him. Why not? There’s no regulation that claims I can not go where I please. I will follow him. No, for even though he was rude to me, it would certainly be really disrespectful of me to follow him, extremely discourteous indeed. But I do so need to know what he is late for. Well, I expect a simple concern never hurt any person.

Wait, Mr. White Rabbit. I’m coming toooooooooo! Exactly how curious. (Aice in Wonderland dropping the hole) I never recognized that rabbit holes were so dark. therefore long … and also, Oh this is extremely peculiar … floating publication shelves … clocks … cabinets … images … I have to be fantasizing. I believe I have actually been succumbing to five minutes, and I still can not see the bottom! Hmph! I ask yourself just how far I have actually dropped. I should be obtaining someplace near the facility of the planet. I ask yourself if I will fall right through the planet! Just how amusing that would be. Oh, I think I see the bottom. Yes, I make sure I see the bottom. I will strike all-time low, and oh, how it will certainly hurt! ouch!!

The fall is not as poor as I had anticipated. I am so incredibly lucky that this pile of leaves was below to soften my autumn. (Getting to her feet) Oh Mr. White Bunny, please wait! Where is he off to in such a rush? What a ridiculous rabbit … Late? What are you late for? Please reduce Mr. Rabbit … (calling after him) oh an additional passage; I wonder where this will lead me? What a silly creature where has he gone? I do not see him any longer … Oh I am dreadfully lost I ask yourself where I am. (Becoming depressing) Oh what have I gotten myself right into?

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