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Fahrenheit 451 – Demolish Censorship


Fahrenheit 451– Destroy Censorship

Determination pushes individuals towards what they believe in, an individual’s determination is determined upon their beliefs. A person with strong beliefs will be successful greater to somebody who does not. In the unique Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, Person Montag perseveres versus society along with himself in order to destroy censorship. Perseverance embraces values and drives people closer to their goals. Censorship was combated versus to prevent the damage of society and federal government. For instance “Scare hell out of them, that’s what, scare the living day lights out!” (Bradbury 98).

This reveals that Montag stood firm against the beliefs of others to eliminate censorship by terrifying others to a point were they remained in disbelief, this proves that he keep trying reveal them his viewpoint on censorship. How this reveals that having strong determination will result in greater and better thing. In addition “Montag shot one constant pulse of liquid fire on him” (Bradbury 119). How that show that is this reveals that a big part of perseverance is choices, although choices may be tough to make however in the end good decisions are worth it. Perseverance does not come simple, Montage had to make a huge decision when he killed Beatty.

Being strong and following through with what individuals think in will need willpower and determination. Society was faced during a period when it questioned change in itself. For example Beatty said “and the books state absolutely nothing! Nothing you can teach or think” (Bradbury 62). This reveals that standing firm versus society will draw in others to miss lead individuals; however they should follow themselves and set the path that they wish to continue down. How this program that is that Montag thought differently about the suppression of books, and realised how society saw it.

In addition Mrs. Phelps Mildred’s good friend stated “Why don’t you just read us one of those poems from your little book” (Bradbury 98). This reveals that Montag had actually persevered against censorship till others were in dismay, and until they were at a point where they had to use others to assist them defend themselves. How this reveals that is when people persevere versus others and their beliefs they will be recognized and others will attempt to tear them down. If individuals continue versus society it will press back. Standing firm versus an old self, that self people are trying to change, will help them attain their goals.

For instance Montag informed himself “Naturally I’m happy. What does she think? I’m not?” (Bradbury 10). This shows that Montag had to question himself to change his inner self, and be able pursue the demolition of censorship. How that reveals that is that Montag informed himself that he was happy when he truly wasn’t. In addition “Here now” said Montag. “We’ll start over, at the beginning” (Bradbury 68). This shows that Montag sought after a clean slate with the objective of beginning with a clear slate, and begin the modification from the old Montag to the new.

How this shows that is Montag had to get rid of and persevere though this modification that he knew must occur so as to end up being a new person. Montag had to fight against his inner self to achieve his goals and start a new existence. Perseverance strengthens somebody’s goals and will eventually drive someone towards success. People these days should keep in mind that determination will help them to accomplish significant along with minor objectives in life, as long as people think what is right enough. An individual needs to believe to the highest degree in what they are pursuing to be effective. Someone with strong determination will succeed.

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