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Fahrenheit 451 Literary Criticism


Fahrenheit 451 Literary Criticism

Don’t fret, be happy, or at least that’s what everybody in Ray Bradbury’s book Fahrenheit 451 thought. No matter what was going on around them, war, criminal offense, or death, they were constantly pleased? Or were they? Ray Bradbury wrote books about censorship in society forming around being censored absolutely or partially from books and tv. In Fahrenheit 451 the primary character, Montag, is a fireman whose task it is to burn books to keep the public from reading then and creating their own ideas and concepts and not the concepts that the government puts in their heads.

Wile he is burning books one day he opens one to read it and becomes obsessed with reading books. He switches on his fire chief and burns him, and goes to cope with people who likewise read books and memorize them so that they can be reprinted then society is all set for them again. Three individuals that show that they more than happy on the outdoors but are not really delighted are Montag, Mildred and Mrs. Phelps. In the story, Montag, who is a firefighter for the city thinks he is happy up until he meets a next-door neighbor girl named Clarisse.

Clarisse is considered an oddball in the society of Fahrenheit 451 because she is “antisocial” in their world which really implies that she is social by today’s requirements. She speaks to individuals about things rather of individuals of 451 who speak about useless things that have no compound. Peter Sesario says that’s she is considered to be by doing this due to the fact that, “She was a delicate, watchful person who questioned society and was as a result gotten rid of by the federal government (3 ).

“One day as Montag and Clarisse are walking down the street Clarisse says to Montag, “Are you Happy? (10 ). Montag is speechless and prior to he could create and address Clarisse is gone. As he enters his house he talks with himself, “Of course I more than happy. What does she think? I’m not? “( 10) When he is saying this he looks up to the ceiling where he has actually Hidden books which are things that actually make him happy instead of the important things around him which he believes makes him happy. She also notifications that when Montag chuckles it is a phony laugh and that he doesn’t truly indicate it when he laughs. Also when he smiles it is not a real smile which further goes to reveal that he isn’t happy.

Another character that looks like she is happy but really is not pleased at all is Mildred. She is Montag’s partner and she is not happy at all despite the fact that she believes she is. One way she shows that she is not pleased is that she attempts to devote suicide one day by over dosing on sleeping tablets while Montag is at work. Montag comes home to find her laying on the flooring lost consciousness and an empty bottle of sleeping pills next to her. He calls 911 and two males pertain to his house using nonstainable reddish-brown coveralls and two specially made makers. They concerned pump her stomach and clean her blood.

The two males pumped her stomach and thought nothing of it. Critic Edward Eller states, “They act as casually as handymen doing a fix-it-up job (2 ).” As the men’s makers are doing the work one of the guys who is talking to Montag and says, “Hell! We get these cases 9 or 10 a night (15 ).” This shows that it is not just Mildred that is unhappy however lots of other people in the society of Fahrenheit 451. Likewise she thinks about individuals in her daytime drama to be her real family and not her partner. She can not even remember when she and Montag met.

She gets depressed when she can not watch her television shows and wants Montag to purchase her another wall so she can have all 4 walls for tv. One other person who appears pleased to the reader in the beginning but in all truth is not, is Mrs. Phelps. One day as Mrs. Phelps is discussing kids and how she would never ever have them due to the fact that it is not worth it Mrs. Bowles states to her that she has had 2 kids by caesarian area. She goes on to say, “They in some cases appear like you, and that’s good (96 )”. This reveals that they all have no regard for life and do not see any excellent in have children and believe that they are just an annoyance.

Critic Peter Sesario says,” The Discussion of the females reflects the shallowness of the women’s thinking (4 ).” When her other half goes off to eliminate in the war she tells Mildred that they concurred that they would not be unfortunate if he passed away. She goes on to say to Mrs. Phelps and Mildred, “Pete and I constantly said, no tears, nothing like that. Its our third marital relationship each and were independent. Be independent, we constantly stated. He said, if I get exterminated you just go right ahead and don’t cry, however get wed again and don’t consider me (95 ).

This again goes to show that they are not any happier together then they are if one were to pass away. After that, Montag checks out a poem to her that advises her of all the horrible memories that she has and that reminds her that she is not as pleased as she believes and she sobs. She is the only other character aside from Montag who sees for herself that she is not actually happy. Three of the main characters in this story who you may think more than happy in the start of the book but you determine how dissatisfied they really are by reading into the book are Montag, Mildred, and Mrs. Phelps.

Montag is among the couple of people in the book who really understands that he is not pleased towards the end of the novel. Mildred never realizes what joy actually is and ends up leaving Montag since of her failure to understand what happiness is actually about. Mrs. Phelps, who lastly recognizes that she is not happy, gets mad at Montag when he shows her that she is not pleased and does dislike the good that he has done in her life by showing her that she is a very ruthless individual. Although individuals in Fahrenheit 451 live by the saying, do not worry enjoy, nobody in the 451 world is really pleased at all.

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