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Fantasy: “Alice in Wonderland” and “Wizard of Oz”


Dream: “Alice in Paradise” and also “Wizard of Oz”

Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass and Wizard of Oz are great works of dream. Each unique integrates facets that can aid the viewers understand more regarding a youngster’s way of thinking as well as his/her journey to their adult years. Likewise components from Bettelheim, Freud and also Jung can be applied in assessing each job. In both Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass and also Wizard of Oz, the writers mark crucial parts to show how the primary characters, Alice and also Dorothy, grow from childhood to their adult years. This idea of growth into their adult years is an important theme in both stories.

In the initial publication, Alice is extremely uncertain of herself and is even portrayed in one factor, to be having an identity crisis. With each character she was presented to, she located her own self-image weakening, examining her previously steady self-image. But in Via the Looking Glass her maturity and new confidence in herself exists. We can see this by the way each private she experiences does not badly influence her and also just how she even locates herself assisting the various other personalities in the looking glass. Alice also discovers her true self as well as area in society throughout the novel as she finds out to take care of her situations.

For instance, when she undertook the collection of physical modifications (when she ate the mushroom, or the cake) she started to view the globe from several facets. Eventually she came to the final thought that she might damage life’s preordained course. By speaking out against the court and its rulings, Alice tackles a more assertive duty, which indicates her initiation rite into adulthood. In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy additionally undertakes a radical modification that helps her recognize her worth as a young person and her area in culture.

Throughout her journey in Land of Oz, she learns to be less egotistic and also show more empathy for others. This can be seen when she helps her three companions, the scarecrow, tin woodsman, as well as the afraid lion, achieve their inmost desire. Also in moments of danger, she would stand side-by-side with her newly found close friends and also challenge their problems with them. This act alone signals an inner growth as well as maturation. Dorothy additionally never forgets her purpose, which is to obtain home. This is an accountable act that shows that she understands where she belongs and also has no intent of leaving her “old life” behind.

By the end of the story, Dorothy becomes a lot more cognizant of her environments and recognizes that there’s no place like house. I believe that AIW/ TLG and also The Wizard of Oz extremely vary in several aspects. For one, Lewis Carroll’s books are more complex as well as are planned for a much older age group than WOZ. The WOZ had a really banal story and also storyline. Its characters were “level” generally, and guide was composed in a language that would appropriate for kids ages 4-6. AIW as well as TLG, on the other hand, had a really complicated intricate plan that used an array of literary methods to share its story.

For instance, Carroll made use of a tool called “pun” which is a funny use of the exact same word in more than one feeling, or of two different words in a similar way articulated, to give even more taste to the story. Additionally AIW/TLG delineates a harsh and also an extra confused globe than that in WOZ. In the land of OZ, the residents were all very civil essentially (not consisting of the wicked witches) as well as were all set on helping the major personality, Dorothy. This land also had a form of government and regulations that the citizens had to abide by. This developed a much more uniform and also orderly society.

Paradise alternatively had no sense of order (despite the fact that it had a royal household as well as a trial system). The Queen was an authoritarian and her regulations were based on her fancy. Likewise the creatures in Paradise were extremely rude and also “mad.” This made it harder for Alice to obtain her desired goal. The concepts present in the trainings of Bettelheim, Freud and Jung can be integrated with both novels, Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass as well as The Wizard of Oz. In AIW as well as TLG, Alice at first feels overwhelmed as well as impotent with the barriers she had to endure in her dream world (Bettelheim).

Nonetheless, throughout her journey, she attempts to cope with her scenarios and ultimately makes order out of this disorderly frame of mind. This appears in the final chapter of AIW, where Alice deals with the Red Queen and also confronts her wherefore she absolutely is, a playing card. Dorothy likewise attempts to seek a kind of order in WOZ by maintaining equanimity in times of distress. Freud’s id, vanity, and extremely ego can also be seen in these jobs. In AIW, the id of the story can be the Red Queen because her actions are extremely haste as well as care free. She was controlled by whimsical fantasizes that are not regulated by logical idea.

Hence the vanity would certainly than be Alice for she had reasonable thought at times as well as the very ego would be the White Queen due to the fact that she the parent (mommy) figure in the novel. In WOZ, the id can be the evil witch’s desire to acquire Dorothy’s magic sandals. This witch was blinded by greed as well as her activities mirrored this. The vanity of this story would certainly be Dorothy. Throughout the story Dorothy demonstrated that she had the capacity to help her buddies and complete her task regardless of what challenges came her method. And also ultimately the super ego would be great witch because she was like a mommy figure to Dorothy.

By putting a basic kiss on her temple, which showed love, Dorothy came to be secure. Jung’s principles are additionally obvious in Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass and also Wizard of Oz. As an example, there is a shadow number in both these stories. In AIW the darkness or the “dark side of the ego” is the Red Queen. She is really terrible and has no compassion for others. In WOZ, the shadow number is the evil witches of the land. They signify the significance of evil in Oz. There is likewise a trickster in both jobs. In AIW, the Cheshire feline be viewed as the trickster due to the fact that he is really sly and considers himself and all the creatures in Wonderland “mad. In WOZ, the charlatan can be Oz himself because he had the nerve to deceive everybody in his land. He was a humbug. I really enjoyed Lewis Carroll’s structural make-up in TLG. He establishes the framework for the plot in the introductory paragraph and than usages occurring chapters as squares on a chess board. Alice has to go through to reach the 8th square (subsequently the ninth phase) to end up being a queen (as in the queen item from a chess game). This layout makes it much easier for the visitor to rather keep an eye on Carroll’s point of view as well as aids the visitor keep track of Alice with her experiences.

This gives the unique a sense of organization where in various other locations the unique leaves the reader perplexed as well as extremely disorientated. I likewise liked the underlying message Lewis Carroll attempted to communicate to his target market. I believe Carroll was attempting to obtain the viewers to examine his/her life with Alice’s experiences throughout her journey. Alice’s journey through the looking glass started with her at the bottom and than ultimately functioning her method as much as end up being a queen. But just as in any person’s life, one should start from all-time low and also via hard work as well as persistence, get to one’s intend goals/destinations.

In Alice’s journey, she hurried via several of the squares to reach the eighth as soon as ought to could. Consequently she missed certain things or ignored things that were good about that particular square, which could contrast to our lives, where we are so captured up in getting better we do not take time to quit as well as smell the roses. Carroll also tries to obtain the viewers to see Alice’s innocence, her ability to appreciate little things, and her need to feed her curiosity as well as ask inquiries and take that into their own lives.

Yet, he additionally shows and also mentions that Alice is punished for her faults therefore showing that she is human and not remarkable. So, even if you do try to delight in every part of life and hang on to your childish virtue, you are still going to have issues in your life and somehow you will certainly have to conquer them. He suggests with the means of the in reverse operating looking-glass, that occasionally your answers are in areas you never ever look, and maybe if you look backwards or at things from a various perspective, you could find what you look for.

I discovered Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass by Louis Carroll and also the Wizard of Oz, incredibly fascinating yet sometimes it truly made me examine my very own sanity and the fact I stay in. Both authors make use of a style of composing in their children’s’ story to provide a really delusional globe where his outlook on life is portrayed with an overwelming fantasy. I think the visitor can obtain a whole lot out of reviewing these novels and also I highly suggest them to any kind of age group.

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