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Fear in the Things They Carried


Fear in the Things They Brought

Tim O’brien’s decision to go to Vietnam ran out the fear from disappointing his household and neighborhood. How does pity impact and contribute in the life of the soldiers in The important things They Carried? The Important Things They Carried is a book embeded in Massachusetts but the core of the book is based in Vietnam. A group of Soldiers fight and Tim O’Brien chooses to record the real impacts of war however beneath his words, there were a great deal of aspects and double entendre to them.

The motif ‘Embarassment” played a substantial part in every character in this book as it was a characteristic they all shared in typical Pity in this context is not always a bad thing similar to the power of hindsight, we found it to have been a motivating factor for them throughout the war in more ways than one. They could choose to cause injury on themselves as a method to get released from their military service however the fear of embarassment additional assisted them to be heroes for their country. The intriguing feature of this book is that pity was a common aspect shared by all guys.

Their worry of shame and weakness moved them to act braver than they were. It is not a secret knowing that the soldiers were a bit scared of the war however they all did a great task in masking their pity and worries. In The Things They Carried, “They brought the common trick of cowardice barely limited, the impulse to run or freeze or conceal, and in many respects this was the heaviest concern of all, for it might never be put down, it needed perfect balance and best posture” (77 ).

In analyzing this quote, their instinct to run or conceal needed to be restrained due to fear of being teased by colleagues and being called a coward. The chapter “On the Rainy River” summarizes Tim’s moral battle against being prepared into an unjustified war. The Vietnam War was one he highly opposed and his choice to fight is not down to his bravery or him being a patriot, but that of the ‘fear of embarassment’ and being tagged a coward. Therefore he caught the pressure. “I survived, however it’s not a happy ending. I was a coward.

I went to the war” (79 ). This statement is an example of how embarassment had him inspired. Him calling himself a coward was the fear of ’embarassment’ out powering his principles. He initially thought of running off to Canada after being drafted however was frightened that if he did not acknowledge the draft, he would be ridiculed/punished and that would be him frustrating his community and household. In order to prevent this shame facing him, he chose to be brave and go to war and defend his country. He wound up going and made it through the ains of the war due to embarassment being his motivating factor in his decision. Furthermore, taking a look at Curt Lemons in “The Dental expert”, shame was a firing up force leading to a few of the characters bravery and heroism. Curt Lemon suffered an awkward fate in this chapter where he passed out before being observed by the going to dental expert. In fear of social approval and how the soldiers in the squad would look at him, he chose to face his fears and embarassment by having his tooth got rid of although there was nothing wrong with it.

One can associate the survival of a few of the soldiers to shame as it gave them the required additional reward to make it through. With his renewed ego, this would make him feel stronger and all set for the worst (increasing his bravery while mitigating his pity). Pity, no matter how negative the definition seems to be, the characters in The important things They Brought made the most out of it by making it an unorthodox kind of inspiration for going to war and trying to endure it. Safe to say O’Briens characters (soldiers) value pride more than their life. Olumide Shodipo

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