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Fiction Essay: A Good Man Is Hard To Find Essay


The options that we make determine who we genuinely are. The enormous pressure of particular circumstances in which we are faced will eventually distinguish the type person that we think we are, from the type of individual that we in fact are. In the short story “A Good Male Is Hard To Find “Author Flannery O’Connor narrates about a family that includes a Grandma and her superficial beliefs. The household eventually crosses paths with “The Misfit” that is on the loose, who represents the total opposite of what the granny is perceived to be.

O’Conner utilizes the characterization of both the Misfit and the grandma throughout the plot in order to reveal the theme of this piece which is achieved when the grandmother is finally brought to grace. In the start of the piece O’Conner brings the reader into a discussion that is taking place between the granny and her only boy Bailey. The household is preparing a journey to Florida in which the Granny is strongly opposed.

She attempts to discover every reason that she can perhaps come up with to convince her kid to change the location of the journey from Florida to Tennessee.

Throughout the story the grandma gives the impression that she is a figure of grace, self-respect and eminence. Although she did not want to attend the trip she is the very first person in the vehicle the next early morning, ready to go. She is dressed really carefully since she sees herself as lady who is really respectful and astute and she needs to be seen by others in the exact same manner. She likewise takes advantage of every opportunity to correct her grandchildren when making remarks that are less than courteous.

When the kids see the black child resting on the patio they begin to giggle, she rapidly advises them that “black children in the country don’t have the important things we do”. She attempts to teach the kids to appreciate the land in their native state of Georgia when the kids try to toss trash out the window of the cars and truck and June Star makes the comment that Tennessee is “a hillbilly discarding ground and Georgia is a lousy state too. “The grandmother again hisses at June Star when she makes the rude statement that “I would not live in a broken down place like this for a million dollars”.

One of the manner ins which O’Conner defined the grandma is being manipulative. Knowing what to do and say in order for her to attain whatever it was that she desired. An example of this holding true is by her slipping the feline into the automobile against her kid’s desires. Another wants the household had actually left The Tower and she controlled the children into thinking that your home she wished to visit had a trick a panel. After getting the children riled up about the secret panel they scolded until Bailey lastly had no option to but to turn around and go down the deserted dirt roadway.

After taking a trip down this dirt road a while the grandmother realizes that your home that she kept in mind remained in Tennessee. As she concerns this realization the feline uprises and frightens Bailey and he drives the cars and truck over the embankment. The granny hopes that she is injured so that her kid will have compassion for her and she would not need to expose her misinterpreting the location of the house. O’Conner has used the characterization of the granny and her family along with the plot to this point in order to give an account of what type of person the grandma is based off her actions.

A male with 2 others arrived in a vehicle and they went out and to help the family. The grandmother exposes that the guy is “The Misfit” that she had seen in the paper. It appears as if the misfit’s attention had all of a sudden reverted from assisting the family to now eliminating the household based on her acknowledgment of him. The Misfit has Hiram and Bobby Lee to take Bailey and John Wesley out to the woods initially due to the fact that they could be the most problematic of the lot. Quickly after, they take the mom and her infant into the woods and June star takes Bobby Lee’s hand and follows.

As mentioned in Flannery O’Connor’s “Ruined Prophet” composed by T. W. Hendricks, “the member of the family get in the deadly woods without resisting”. This is said to be because they are accustomed to doing what is anticipated of them. They are not capable of acting on their own interest due to the fact that none of them truly understand who they are. The only exception to this being the grandmother who is thought about to be a round character whose personality has been totally established throughout the story. While Bobby Lee and Hiram are in the procedure of murdering the rest of her family she is pleading with the Misfit to spare her life.

He declines all of her attempts to talk him out of his homicidal objectives. The story then goes on to the duel, what O’Conner thinks about to be the style of the story. This conflict is in between the granny’s belief that she is ethically exceptional to everyone, and the misfits close examination of his life in addition to his self awareness that he is not an excellent guy. This important part of the story takes place throughout the dialogue that occurs between the misfit and the grandma. The grandma firmly insists that the misfit is too great a male to shoot a woman.

With this effort to save her own life she is appealing the decency of the male. The grandmother tells his that “I know you need to come from great individuals.” He states that he does come from the finest individuals worldwide, but the he is not a good guy. The grandmother begins to lose her voice as she understands that her kid and grand son were killed which her child in law also the rest of her grandchildren were about to be eliminated, and that she would soon follow. The misfit goes on to describe to the grandmother that Jesus has actually tossed whatever off balance.

He compared himself to Jesus in the sense that he had actually been penalized however hadn’t devoted any criminal activities. The Truth that Jesus was likewise able to know what he was being punished for ate at him because he had no concept what he was being punished for. He had actually pertained to the conclusion that the punishments that he had gone through did not fit the crime that he was accused of. The grandmother repeatedly prompted the Misfit to pray. Hoping would not assist the misfit since he doesn’t see what he has actually done as being a sin. The misfit believes that there is no wish for a good life in this world or any wish for happiness in the next life.

He says that “it’s absolutely nothing for you to do but delight in the few minutes you got left the best method you can– by eliminating somebody or burning down his house or doing some other meanness to him.” This is thought about to be the Misfit’s inspiration for him dedicating these murders. The granny see’s something in the Misfit that makes him like one of her own kids, one of her sheep that have only strayed off course. The granny connects to touch the misfit both spiritually and physically however instead of breaking down, the misfit jumps back and fire 3 shots into her chest.

O’Conner meant for the grannies last minutes to be led by grace. In the end she was personally gotten in touch with the misfit and truly concerned about him as a person. It is this connection to being compared to a kid that the misfit takes issue with. He mistakes her gesture for a form of belittlement. In the narrative “A Good Man Is Difficult To Find” the characters, characterization of the characters, the incidents throughout the plot along with the conflict are all literary components important to reaching the last “coming to grace” style of the story.

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