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Fitzgerald’s use of diction in The Great Gatsby.


Fitzgerald’s use of diction in The Wonderful Gatsby.

Thesis Declaration: The way and also objective of F. Scott Fitzgerald using various literary techniques as well as word attributes for his personalities Tom Buchanan and Myrtle Wilson
Table Of Contents
  • Introduction: The purpose of the writer’s using the certain selection of words to depict the characters omn the novel
  • Instances of diction highlighting Tom Buchanan’s character
  • Analysis of Myrtle Wilson’s quotes in The Excellent Gatsby
  • Verdict: The methods diction is made use of to explain the personalities of Tom Buchanan and also Myrtle Wilson

The Great Gatsby- Diction as well as Selection of Detail The Excellent Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, uses a certain selection of words in addition to choice of detail to create the personalities of Tom Buchanan as well as Myrtle Wilson.

Examples of diction showing Tom Buchanan’s personality

This essay will mention particular instances that represent Fitzgerald’s use of diction as well as details. Although this passage does not stress on Tom Buchanan, his personality is established with using literary methods. Tom’s character talks 3 times throughout the training course of this scene, as well as all 3 times his words make him sound as if he is superior to everybody.

” ‘It’s a bitch,’ claimed Tom decisively. Right here’s your loan. Go and also get 10 more pet dogs with it.’ “(Page 28)

In this quote, diction as well as a details option of words appears with the use of words ’emphatically.’ Using this word creates the sensation that Tom is reliable as well as powerful. This citation additionally serves as an example of Tom’s quirks throughout the book. He talks to a senior citizen with ridicule by informing him that he is incorrect and that he ought to buy ten even more pet dogs with the money he offers him. A parallel can likewise be drawn in between Myrtle and also the canine in that he takes a look at the canine in the exact same level of significance as Myrtle.

Tom’s absence of persistence can additionally be seen in his antiphon to the old male’s answer. Another citation, which offers to multiply Tom’s superiority over others in the novel, is when Nick tries to leave Tom and also Myrtle.

“No you don’t,” Tom interposed rapidly. “Myrtle’ll be harmed if you do not come up to the apartment or condo. Will not you, Myrtle?” (Web Page 28)

Yet again, this citation serves to show Tom’s powerful personality. More particularly, he addresses for Myrtle as if she could not have addressed herself. As a result of Fitzgerald’s effective use of diction and word selection, the passage has the ability to effectively establish Tom’s character.

Analysis of Myrtle Wilson’s quotes

Tom’s domineering as well as strong character is further enhanced in this passage through the demonstration of his gestures and also dialogue. Although Tom does not play a major function in the chosen flow, his identity is substantially formed through the writer’s use language. Much of this phase is committed to the augmentation of Myrtle’s personality. The writer uses imagery, discussion, and also diction to produce her individuality. Making use of imagery is seen in the beginning of the flow:

“She had transformed her gown to a brown figured muslin, which stretched limited over her rather broad hips … (Page 26)

Myrtle’s actions also have a great deal to say concerning her personality. An example was when she

“let 4 taxicabs drive away prior to she picked a brand-new one.” (Page 27)

This sort of actions serves to contrast her true lifestyle of being wed to an inadequate as well as effort garage male.

“Is it a child or a woman?” she asked gently. (Page 28)

This citation from the passage builds onto Myrtle’s delicate side. It also shows that she cares about the inconsequential sides to life and is very materialistic.

“Mrs. Wilson gathered her dog and other acquisitions, and went haughtily in. (Web Page 28)

This quote, in addition to many others made in this selection make terrific use of adverbs to create the personality of Mrs. Wilson. Making use of the word ‘haughtily’ includes in the arrogant personality that she displays. This once again contrasts her real way of life and highlights her dual personality. Various other adverbs that were made use of in this passage to define Myrtle were: eagerly, enthusiastically, gently, as well as earnestly. All of these adverbs in one feeling or one more identify Mrs. Wilson’s actions as well as personality. As necessary, the author’s language utilizes imagery, adverbs, as well as actions that develop her big-headed and different individuality.


To conclude, F. Scott Fitzgerald efficiently employed diction and also choice of information to create the characters of Tom Buchanan and also Myrtle Wilson. He did this by utilizing different literary strategies and also components of speech to emphasize the personality’s personality. For example, he utilizes imagery, paradox, adverbs, discussion, activities, adjectives, and quirks to highlight the arrogance of Myrtle and also indifference of Tom Buchanan. Hence, the writer appropriately uses diction and choice of detail to satisfy of developing the personalities of Mrs. Wilson and also Tom Buchanan.

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