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Foreshadowing “A Good Man Is Hard to Find”


“An Excellent Man Is Difficult to Discover,” is a story of catastrophe about a family planning a vacation against the granny’s much better judgment. The grandma wants to travel to Tennessee, due to the fact that of a found guilty on the loose. Bailey is planning a journey to Florida even though the grandma alerts him that the “Misfit” is heading toward Florida.

Prior to their long journey to Florida, the Family decides to stop at a restaurant to eat. During the check out at the diner, the household discusses the Misfit with the diner’s owner. The restaurant’s owner’s wife expresses her worry of being robbed by the misfit. After eating their food and ending their conversations he family leaves for Florida. Beyond Toombsboro the grandma remembered an old plantation she once checked out when she was young.

She explains the house and tells them about the secret panel. The Children have actually never seen a home with a secret panel and throw a fit to see it. Bailey is not willing to go to the house, but the children insist. The granny reveals Bailey the road and he refuses it. As they were traveling the road, the grandmother leaps as she kept in mind the house is in Tennessee not Georgia. When she leapt she caused Bailey to lose control of the vehicle and runs into a ditch. Nobody in the household was hurt, but the ehicle was too harmed to drive leaving the family stranded. The household had no other option but to sit and wait on someone to drive by. As they were sitting on street, they saw a cars and truck coming over the hills.

The vehicle stopped at the accident and out stepped three guys carrying guns. The granny notifications that a person of the males look familiar, however she can not put it together. As she realizes who he is the granny asks him if he is The Misfit. The Misfit tells the other 2 males 2 take Bailey and his kid to the woods. As the grandma is thinking with, she hears 2 gunshots. When the men return they are alone. The Misfits tells he males to get Bailey’s other half, little girl, and the infant. They take them to woods and three gunshots echo in the woods. The granny screams hysterically and informs the Misfit to hope. The grandma touches the Misfit on the shoulder and he shot her three times. From the start of the story, it is obvious the Misfit is being setup to come into the story later. Foreshadowing constructed the suspense causing the reader to question what would occur next. This information did not inform how or where the story would end. Understanding about the Misfit from the beginning pulled all of it together and made the story far more interesting.

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